Saturday, September 14, 2013

A tuberculosis infected person may likely spread TB to around 10 more persons in his life time -Discussions

“A tuberculosis infected person may likely spread TB to around 10 more persons in his life time if not properly treated/cared”-Discussion took place in District Level HIV and TB coordination network on 13th September 2013.Trichirapalli District level HIV and TB coordination network organised one day training program to the NGO representatives, Representatives of Government outfits and those are involved in Target Intervention, Link Workers Scheme, positive net work of HIV and control of and other responsible persons involved in Tuberculosis Control. The topics such as: how TB is spread among the people, the vulnerability of persons infected by HIV, the need for testing and if need be simultaneous treatment for TB and HIV infected. The authorities appealed the NGOs to come forward to reduce the TB count in their respective target area in Trichirappalli District and NGO can refer HRG and PLHIV to the TB control and treatment hospitals of the district. Mr.G.Sankar,District Coordinator of Resource Group for Education and Advocacy for Community Health(REACH)mentioned that Tuberculosis may infect the diabetes patients also and it is hearteing to know that India has got maximum number of Tuberclosis infection in the Globe.A diabetes with TB affected person should take two years treatment  continousely by taking treatment of Multi drug Resistance Tuberculosis-MDRTB. Dr.Savithri, Depiuty Director,  of TB control of Trichirapalli District mentioned that 6 TB units in Trichy are in operation and DMC Designated Microscopic Centre also available in Trichy. She added that TB is spreading among the people mostly by infected persons’ cough through air and The symptoms are cold more than 2 weeks, fever in the evening time, loss of weight, A HIV infected person also should be tested since she/he might have 50 – 60 % chances of acquiring tuberculosis. The persons who are directly contact with tuberculosis infected person have to under for TB test. Children are likely also get affected by TB, they must be also tested. NGOs are to refer HRG and MSM to close by TB testing centre. The person is asked to bring 2 boxes spooten test (the early morning and day). Direct observed treatment, Category 1 of TB has been treated for 6 months; tablets should be taken for only 3 days per week. The other experts shared their valuable input of information about type’s tablets and Food habits for TB infected person (and also with diabetic, BP).  MBS-Migo Blood Saliva is a test, which is taken for TB.  Multi Drug resistance is a next category should be fully analysed and followed properly by volunteers and RRC who is involved in schemes. It was further mentioned that TB centre supervisors and Lab technicians are serving for TB diagnosis cause and treatment follow up. The participants were taken to the TB unit in GH. Grade II Lab technician has given demo about how to find out TB bacteria through advanced technology. X-ray unit was also visited by participants. The organisers appealed the participants to extend their support to TB forum to help TB infected people.Mr. Senthilkumar, DPM Mrs. Savithri, DDTB of Trichy District facilitated the sessions. Mr. Shankar, DC, Reach – Axshaya introduced the sessions’ importance earlier.Mrs.Mohana Sundaram,PCO of SEVAI-TANSACS-TI and Mrs.Uma,counselor of the same TI participated in this training and shared their fileld level experiences. Mr. Subramanian of SEVAI, DRP-T, LWS Trichirappalli District proposed vote of thanks as reported by Mrs.Amala Rajkumar, of SEVAI DRP-P, LWS-Trichy.-Govin

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