Sunday, September 22, 2013

“Activity based Learning gives the child the chance to discover new interests in Primary Education”-K.Govindaraju

Well nourished child of the school

Children are the future of a nation, development of underprivileged children holds the key to the progress of the nation itself. The primary School run by SEVAI in Bikchandarkoil is ably handled by teachers and the Education Department authorities and Parent teachers association supports this primary school more usefully. Preparing the child for Primary School can be an exciting journey. Educating children no matter where they are from and one of the biggest steps we can take toward ending extreme poverty. Education is key to build a society that can overcome poverty in a sustainable manner. Investing in human capital brings about powerful social change and creates opportunities for children to realise their full potential and to become leaders of the generation to come. The parents and teachers can make the whole new experience of learning new things and making friends a meaningful one for the child. Learning will continue to expand beyond the four walls of a classroom. The Activity based Learning  gives the child the chance to discover new interests, learn new skills and build his/her character, besides providing opportunities for him/her to develop confidence and forge new friendships. For two hours a week, the child must have the opportunity to try out activities in the areas of sports and outdoor education, as well as performing and visual arts activities. These may take place within/outside curriculum time to make learning in a creative, fun, and enjoyable way. Teachers and students can see positive changes in such efforts. Such exercises will provide pupils becoming more confident and vocal in class, exhibiting more leadership qualities and learning to be more mindful of the needs of classmates. The primary school years are an important phase in a child’s education. It lays the foundation for his learning and development later on in life. The primary school provides a well-rounded learning experience and focuses on key aspects of education such as Activity based learning. Knowledge skills are provided in this school focus on developing the child’s thinking, process and communication skills. Knowledge skills are taught through a variety of subjects under ABL Method. Character Development which focuses on instilling sound values in the child, will take him/her through life as a responsible citizen. The school child has many opportunities to develop life skills. A sustainable end to poverty requires that citizens are empowered to make positive choices and provide for themselves and their families. This can only be achieved if all the children are given the chance to learn in a high-quality schooling environment through primary school to start with. -Govin

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