Saturday, September 14, 2013

'Literacy is human right and basis of all knowledge' OZONE celebrates International Literacy Day-2013

World Literacy Day -2013 in OZONE

South Zone Board of continuing Education, (OZONE) celebrated the International Literacy Day (ILD) on 14th September 2013, at its conference hall in Trichirapalli, Tamilnadu with a specific focus on ‘Literacies for the 21st century’. It is also an important opportunity to come together enhancing literacy and closing the gender gap. Dr.K.Govindaraju, Chairman of South Zone Board of Continuing Education recollected and quoted the speech of  the Hon’ble President of India on the occasion of World Literacy Day-2013, “India’s literacy rate still remained below the world average, and this called for concerted efforts and turning our attention to the literacy of the girl child and women and the success of our literacy programme ultimately depends on the willingness and cooperation of the people and every citizen of our country to take up this challenge and contribute in making our country free from the clutches of illiteracy.’K.Govindaraju further said that International Literacy day is observed every year on 8 September to raise people's awareness and concern for literacy issues in the world. It aims to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities, societies and reminds the international community of the status of literacy and adult learning globally promoting the day to underline the significance of literacy for healthy societies, with a strong emphasis on epidemics and communicable diseases such as HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. Though new HIV infections are declining and the number of people receiving antiretroviral treatment is growing. The  International Literacy Day is a global observance several adults lack the minimum literacy skills and are  still not literate especially women. Significant number of  children are out-of-school and many more attend irregularly or drop out. However, literacy is also a cause for celebration on the day because there are nearly four billion literate people in the world. This day was first celebrated on September 8, 1966.The banners for the event feature the words “Literacy is the best remedy”. Literacy is the prime requisite for learning and play a vital role in restraining population growth, curbing poverty, establishing gender impartiality and a bright promise for growth. .Govin

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