Monday, September 2, 2013

Tree thieves are to be counseled by Civil Society

Thieves cut the trees and taken away  in Dasilnaickanoor

Dasilnaickanoor village community had planted and grown around 750 trees in 35 acres of dry land watershed area in Dasilnaickanoor of Karur District of Tamilnadu. The trees were planted in the land given by a local NGO. For the past two decades, optimum care of was given for growing trees and the variety of trees such as fruit trees, shadow trees, timber trees and soil and water conservation trees. Planting trees isn't as simple as just digging a hole and throwing the tree in it. The Civil Society wanted the trees they have planted to survive and thrive and the trees were well grown for around two decades. This has become an Afforestation project as there was no forest or stand of trees in this area prior to this tree plantation. This tree plantation program is the reestablishment of forest cover, naturally by natural seeding, coppice, or root suckers and also artificially by direct seeding
and planting. The contour bunding,gully plugging,cantour trenches, check dams
view of the trees plantation before the theft
 constructed,conjective use of water for trees growing helped this Dasilnaickanoor watershed area conserved water and soil creating Bio-diversity. During the third week of August 2013, a few wood cutting thieves cut these trees illegally and removed them from this forest owned by the Civil Society. The Civil Society Team was shocked to witness the empty land after tree feeling and steeling of the trees. The Civil Society team requested the local PRI to find the culprits, who are merciless tree fellers and proposed to catch and hand over them to Police for legal action. The Cil Society  leader Madha Naickar mentioned that they would spot the culprits and they should be given counseling and also punished through legal action so that no further damage for the trees grown for the green coverage in this dry land region.-Govin

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