Monday, October 28, 2013

SEVAI-SHG Members oriented on the need of clean drinking water and safe sanitation needs.

Sanitary complex constructed by SEVAI

In a seminar organized by SEVAI, SEVAI-SHG Members were oriented on the need of clean drinking water and safe sanitation and discussed elaborately the useful insight on the vital topics of sanitary toilet complexes in a sustainable way to understand the critical need. “Society for Education Village Action and Improvement (SEVAI) makes every effort to create equal opportunities for the marginalized and vulnerable communities by bringing them together, recognizing their leadership potential and helping them realise their economic, social and human rights, thus, bringing about positive and long-lasting changes in their lives.”. Society for Education Village Action and Improvement (SEVAI) strongly believes in local people’s capacity and potential to deal with their own issues, therefore, the organisation works as a facilitator to empower communities. The organisation strategically aims to achieve sustainability in all its initiatives by promoting local leadership, inculcating values of ownership, sharing and mutual cooperation among the target group in the areas of promotion of safe sanitation and drinking water practices, increasing people’s negotiating skills, promotion of life-skill education and creating livelihood opportunities for women and young people. Mrs.P.Vanitha oriented the participants of the seminar, “concerted efforts are still required to eliminate the practice of open defecation. The lack of priority given to safe confinement and disposal of human excreta poses significant health risks manifest in the sanitation challenge facing the nation today. The provision of sanitation facilities through public toilet complexes is the most suitable option for those who cannot afford individual toilets for monetary reasons or due to lack of space, and opt for open defecation. Such complexes are a useful and valuable option where a large congregation of people takes place. The Sanitary Complex fosters the cognitive development of healthy and the scope of this training has been made comprehensive by including several aspects such as safe disposal or reuse of human waste from toilet complexes and extensive guidance on different options for toilet designs with indicative costs, the difference between community and public toilets, and the problems and prospects of sanitary toilet complexes in rural areas “.-Govin

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