Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SEVAI Women SHGs pledged that they would educate their daughters to acquire higher Education.

Hundreds of women took the pledge at the International Literacy day function jointly organised
SEVAI Women SHGs take pledge on educating girls
by SEVAI (www.sevaingo.in) and South Zone Board of Continuing Education in Arumbuhalnagar recently that they would stand united to fight against illiteracy among women. The members of SHGs promoted by SEVAI pledged that they would send their daughters to school and for job oriented higher education and never indulge in gender discrimination and would not get their daughters married before completing their higher education. They also pledged to fight against female infanticide, alcoholism and dowry. Women Coordinator, P.Vanitha who presided over the function underlined the need for women to assume leadership. Describing women as symbols of sacrifice and companionship, P.Vanitha said people should join together to end violence against women. P.Vanitha urged women to inculcate reading habits among them. While explaining how SHGs brought socio-economic changes among the 100,000 women of 8500 SHGs promoted by SEVAI, she exhorted women to bring more changes in society. Mrs.P.Vanitha further said, “Self-help groups facilitated by SEVAI, and increasingly advise and train members in a variety of on- and off-farm income-generating activities. Indeed, in a number of recent projects, SEVAI trained facilitators and animators drawn from self-help groups. Through promoting self-help group, SEVAI with support of its partners, banks and Government have contributed to improving the overall status of women in terms of income, empowerment, welfare, etc. The women SHG beneficiaries have increased access to and control over resources such as land, dwellings and livestock. SEVAI SHG Project reveals that access to finance through group savings and lending to members had allowed women to become increasingly involved in economic activities such as the collection and sale on local markets of their products.” The women’s self-help groups expressed their appreciation to SEVAI for enabling the SHGs achieving confidence and boldness through SHG training and linkage with Banks and Government Departments.. Mrs.Mohana Sundaram, Project Manager of SEVAI also pointed out that the welfare of women should be every nation’s top priority and the need to protect the rights of women. Prevention of Domestic Violence was also discussed. An elocution competition was conducted as part of the World Literacy Day celebrations OF 2013.Mrs.B.Chitra,the Principal of SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary school was the chief guest for the function and  she gave away prizes to the participants-Govin

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