Tuesday, January 20, 2015

“Akkam Pakkam” is a revelation: short film on Child abuse prevention - Social Activist A.J. Hariharan opines

“Akkam Pakkam” is a revelation: short film on Child abuse
A.J. Hariharan
prevention - Social Activist A.J. Hariharan opines after viewing this short film while telephonic chatting with the author of this article. This short film was produced in Tamil and released by a Karur based NGO namely Gramium as headed by Gramium Narayanan and directed by Guna. A reputed social Activist A.J. Hariharan of ICWO, Chennai and a team of social activists viewed this short film and expressed his view that this short movie is well filmed with the conviction that Child abuse should be prevented atonce. A.J. Hariharan said that this movie “Akkam Pakkam” is a perfect short film to show to student population and the public at large to create awareness on the need for prevention of child abuse on topic relating to sexual abuse/ molestation. The Social activist appreciated the efforts of Narayanan of Gramium for bringing out such a meaningful short film as the Child abuse is a terrible thing and not enough people are really aware that children are being abused every day. A.J. Hariharan added, “This short movie “Akkam Pakkam” is a resource tool on child abuse prevention, protecting children from risk of abuse. A.J. Hariharan assured Narayanan that this message through this short film should be taken to cover around a million people during 2015  in collaboration with educational institutions and voluntary sector  and public for better reach of “Akkam Pakkam” for understanding the brutality of child abuse  and what to do when children are at risk. "It is proposed to conduct a social activists’ meet shortly in Chennai and promote this short film as a tool for Child Abuse prevention for activists working in the field of child protection . It is proposed to screen the short movie “Akkam,Pakkam” to the participants during the introductory session of the proposed gathering" the Social Activist
A.J. Hariharan mentioned. -Govin

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