Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Gem Polishing gives decent income to members of Women SHGS-Elle Foundation/OFI/SEVAI.

Gem polishing process by SEVAI SHG.

SEVAI Amour Region has been involved in cutting and polishing synthetic gems under Elle Foundation/OFI project. Synthetic gems are widely used in preparation of imitation jewelry and also in decorative jewelry, fancy articles, mirrors, slip-ons, ready-made and garments etc. Apart from domestic market, synthetic gems can also be exported. The Tools and Equipments used include: a slicing machine, a performing machine, faceting machine, tools and other items. It is a cottage Industry. The raw materials are cutting plates and synthetic gems. The work done in cutting the rough gem crystal gives deep horizontal and vertical cuts on the rough gem which are chiseled and hammered out to get a fine gem. Due to its fragile nature, it breaks into rough coned pieces. The rough pieces are mounted with a pitch and shell on the edge of bamboo stick, which is pressed against rough carborundum wheels. Finally, proper facing and polishing of rough-cut pieces is done by using grinding lap made of metal, copper, lead, etc. A gemstone is a transparent and outwardly perfect crystalline mass, free of visible imperfections or flaws, of uniform color and sometimes of immense size. It is nothing short of miraculous that, given the randomness of natural environments, there exist crystals large and perfect enough to yield gemstones. The members of SHG sell their polished gems in Trichy and they earn decent monthly income.-Govin

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