Tuesday, January 6, 2015

SEVAI SHGs in Lalgudi region produce Areca Leaf Plates as Bio plates

 Areca Leaf Plates as Bio plates Production

ELLE F/OFI-SEVAI SHGs in Lalgudi region produce Areca Leaf Plates / Bio plates made from the shredded leaves of the Areca Palm Tree without cutting pr chopping at any phase during the making process. Areca palm tree drops its leaves naturally when the old leaves are making room for the new leaves. These leaves have been used as plates for dining purposes for centuries. With new technology this natural and rigid material is compressed to a shape of a design plate which in use with dry food can last longer periods. The production process of the plates doesn’t require added chemicals or heavy infrastructure. Because the tree drops its leaves naturally the production process doesn’t require cutting or harming of the trees. The women Self Help Groups use shredded areca leaves to make this Bio plates. Apart from being disposable, eco friendly and 100% bio degradable, these eco plates have many more prominent features and these Bio Plates are well suited for cold, hot and oil foods. These products are oven-proof, heat resistant to serve foods and 100% bio degradable, environment eco friendly, weightless, Hygienic etc. These produced Bio plates are used in Hotels, Restaurants, functions and homes etc.Areca Leaf Plates do not conduct heat so they can be placed on one's lap without discomfort or concern.Bio plates are strong enough to use with a knife and fork without risk of being punctured or leaked. Areca Leaf plates are a chemical free disposable product which is fully biodegradable in a short period of time. No chemicals, resins, strengthening agents or synthetic materials are used in the manufacturing process. The material does not react with the food and will not add any extra taste to food served. All manner of wet foods can be served without the plate or bowl becoming soggy and losing its integrity and the areca leaf plates can be washed and used again for a limited time depending on how they are used.Lalgudi women SHGs are known manufacturer of areca nut leaf plates that are made from areca palm leaves making them naturally hygienic. These are ideal for retaining warmness as well as the original taste of food. The additional features of Areca Leaf Plates/ Bio plates are Handy, Leak proof, Light weight, Strong, cost effective etc.The SHGs take loan from Banks and started this enterprise which fetches Rs.250 per person per day of work.Govin

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