Saturday, January 24, 2015

Society General/OFI Project promotes economy level of Perumayee.

Perumayee in Pottery profession

Society General/OFI Project promotes economy level of Perumayee as implemented by SEVAI.SEVAI Women SHG Members namely Perumayee of Manapalayam  Village  in Trichirappali District with the support of Women Self Help Group namely Marutham SHG of Trichirapalli rural area runs a Pottery production and sales very successfully with the financial support of Syndicate Bank and Entrepreneurship training support of  SEVAI as supported by Society General/OFI. As middle aged woman with three children  suffered with no income three  years back. Perumayee joined a SHG promoted by Society General/OFI- SEVAI as a member and these two women are a regular participant of all the trainings provided to SHG Women and SEVAI has motivated her to venture into a micro level rural enterprise in Manapalayam Village. With the support of her daughter in law and bank loan she has set it up a  a potter production centre in her home back yard and produce earthen pots for preparing Pongal meals and keeping cool water and sells in the weekly market of Amoor. Her hard work keeps her business going well and her income level has gone upto Rs.4500 per month. Perumayee  with all the
Earthen pots produced by Perumayee and her associate
difficulties saved money and sends her children to schools and her daughter in-law also works with her and earns around Rs.3500 per month.Her husband and her son works as agriculture labourers in the nearby village. Perumayee’s family income goes upto Rs.15000 per month for her family joint family income level after her association with SHG Movement of SEVAI as promoted by Society General/OFI . Perumayee is able to reach this family income level to this extent after her becoming a member Of Women Self Hep Group member. Now the entire family is able to get decent employment and also nutritious food for the entire family and all the three children of the family attend the school and also moves forward in their higher studies. After getting into the SHG, Perumayee is able to get awareness about gender equity, quality of life improvement,livelihood promotion and with social view. -Govin

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