Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tree Nursery raised in Thottiyapatty watershed project promoted by SEVAI-OFI/SG.

Trees nursery raised in Thottiyapatty

Tree Nursery raised in Thottiyapatty watershed project promoted by SEVAI-OFI/SG Forestry plays a very important role in the socio-economic and rural development apart from its role in maintaining ecological stability. Forests are a traditional source of a multitude of products particularly with regard to fuel wood, fodder, small and constructional timber and have sustained large masses of population. The tree nursery has been raised in Thottiyapatty to produce healthy plants covering timber, fuel, fodder, fruits, non-wood forest produce and trees having good demand in the locality. The country's forests are under tremendous pressure due to the indiscriminate removal of timber, fuel wood, fodder and other forest produce. Promotion of decentralized nurseries in the rural areas leads to easy and timely availability of planting material and in the process lead to creation of employment opportunities and income generation in the Thottiyapatty water shed area promoted by SEVAI/OFI/Society General. Forest nurseries are one of the means for active participation of the communities in future forest regeneration. The decentralized nurseries established by SEVAI are useful to farmers, Women SHGs, etc. The seedlings are hardened in the nursery by reducing the water
Trees coverage in Amoor cottages
supply over a period of time and exposing them to sunlight over different durations. This would make them capable of facing adverse weather conditions once they are transplanted onto the field. The nurseries are temporary in nature and are of two year duration. The main aim of the Nursery raising project is to encourage the growing, planting and care of trees on any site, by anyone, at any scale. The project covers all stages from genetic selection through setting up a tree nursery to planting and successful establishment in the field. Planting tropical trees is frequently hampered by the difficulty of obtaining enough good seed of the desired species. This project as implemented by SEVAI/SG/OFI addresses the many facets of this problem in a practical way by starting from the processes of sexual reproduction in trees. Shading levels and germination media for successfully raising young seedlings are given considerable attention that can increase the proportion of them that survive. Tree-planting is urgently needed; and it can be done by ordinary people without great costs, and without having decades to wait for the many benefits and products. -Govin

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