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SEVAI Farm Yard manure applied in Thottiyapatty degraded land for soil fertility.

Farm yard manure process in Thottiyapatty

SEVAI Farm Yard manure applied in Thottiyapatty degraded land for soil fertility.Sirugamani SEVAI Cow farm has 20 cows and 22 calves and 54 goats. The manure of these cattle is very useful to Thottiyapatty
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watershed project land development and soil fertility project as promoted by SEVAI, as farm yard manure for agriculture land situated in this region. Farm yard manure is an important source of organic matter in soils, especially in small-scale farming systems. Cow dung adds organic matter into the soil and the Cow dung and cattle manure helps to increase the soils buffering capacity, thus helping to regulate soil acidity.  A soil without organic matter will only remain with the mineral component. The presence of organic matter ensures that soil biological properties are functional which is important for soil. The effect of cow dung on soil is that it increases the Geo-technical properties like bulk-density, dry density, increased water holding capacity and infiltration. The soil automatically attracts earthworm to dwell wherever cow-dung is there which further increases the fertility of soil. Cow dung consists of three basic elements critical to plant health: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen allows plants to produce the proteins needed to build living tissue for green stems, strong roots, and lots of leaves. Phosphorus helps move energy throughout the plant, especially important in maturing plants. Potassium aids plants in adapting sugars needed in growth and is especially helpful in root
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crops. Cow dung also contains large amounts of humus, a wonderful soil amender. Humus is simply the bulky, fibrous material that comes from plant fibres and animal remains and is valuable in several ways: it enriches clay soils; supplies food for soil flora and fauna; preserves moisture during dry spells while ensuring good drainage during wet times; and it is a storehouse for nitrogen in the soil. In short, humus acts like a reservoir, allowing nutrients to work.Addition of cow dung will increase the organic carbon content of degraded soil which may lead to the increasing activity of beneficial soil microorganisms. The activity of nitrogen fixing bacteria will increase and more atmospheric nitrogen may be accumulated in soil, which may lead to increase available nitrogen content as well as the fertility status of soil. More
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over the availability of nutrients for the plants from the soil will also increase. Increased porosity of soil will also increase aeration in soil and produce a favourable condition for plant growth. Cow dung application increases the organic matter in the soil which regulates the soil reaction (pH). Cow dung
 Farming Activities with cow dung manuring in Thottiyapatty
makes much better garden plants as well. Cow manure can be used more directly to fertilize individual plants.
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The most important significance of cow dung and cow urine is to maintain the organic microbial and mineral
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nutrient richness of soil. Many researchers have studied the value of cattle manure as a fertilizer compared with mineral fertilizers. Can manure restore and maintain soil productivity in nutrient-depleted sands? Yes it can; manure application to granitic sands overcomes or prevents deficiencies of micro-nutrients. The Nitrogen release is low and spread over time. Manure applications result in increases in pH, water holding capacity, hydraulic conductivity and infiltration rates. The soil conditioning ability of cow manure due to the amount of quality organic matter, that no fertilizer can match, is reason enough to use it. The soil amending properties of this great natural fertilizer are unbelievable.Thottiyapatty women are able to produce vermin compost from the farm yard waste for their degraded land fertility.SEVAI promotes the farm yard manure and vermin compost for the richness of the soil up-gradation.-Govin

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