Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The local Health Workers were appreciated by Equal Health, Australia

Nandini. a local Worker appreciated for her assistance in Equal Health program

SEVAI Community health workers those who assisted Equal Health Australia during EH services in Trichirapalli District were honored by Paul Clarke, the coordinator of Equal Health, Australia. The local health workers were given a certificate and a medal for the excellent services to people as associates of Equal Health Team while Equal Health team members served as front-line health care professionals. Equal Health Team work with the under served community in which they work ethnically, socio economically and professionally in the areas of eye care, dental care, general care, physio therapy and allied health services. Equal Health Approach was to development community-based health serves with a comprehensive approach to primary health care at the community level, mobilizing communities to use simple tools, adapted to the local context, to address priority health needs, and empowering them to be in charge of their own development. The innovation of this approach lies in involving the communities and local people themselves, especially those poor and marginalized, in deciding the needs and defining the parameters of community development. Equal Health Australia provides guidance and access to information, experts and resources to communities in combination with local knowledge and capabilities to transform villages and break the cycle of poverty. Thus it is the communities themselves, through the medium of the Village Health Worker, and Women’s Groups, who are the primary actors in launching and establishing their health and development programs. Around 20

dedicated rural Health workers of SEVAI have been praised for their excellence and support extended to Equal Health for the success of the Health delivery for the under privileged and also for the follow up..Nandhini,a local health worker who received certificate and medal of merit for support services said,” I love going on to the villages and  educate  needy population of health services at my level after this experience with Equal Health” Nandhini further added,” Equal Health team’s skill, dedication and commitment to providing a
Local Health workers appreciated
first class service, introducing ways of working and showing great compassion to patients is an inspiration to us all”. Equal Health services are not an innovation in technology but rather, an innovation of the people within each community, to bring about social change and, thereby, uplift everyone from disease. By educating the most stigmatized, EH Team members are able to see the power of the individual and give credit the work and value despite gender, caste, religion and illiteracy. Equal Health by providing basic needs and health knowledge to communities they are able to witness the immediate impact of curative medicine but also preventive methods that are long-term and sustaining. Therefore, by starting from the bottom up, the EH approach reaches every member of the community creating a larger impact at the intersection of health and development.-Govin

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