Tuesday, March 3, 2015

SEVAI promotes fodder for goats from one week from Maize Seed to cattle fodder its Sirugamani cattle farm.

Maize seed fodder beds as fodder for goats

SEVAI promotes fodder for goats from one week from Maize Seed to cattle fodder its Sirugamani cattle farm.SEVAI Team is exploring an alternative to how t feed  feeding their goats. The idea comes from the notion of fresh sprouts as a “super food”; if eating sprouts are super healthy for animals. Exploring alternatives to develop maize seeds as cattle fodder in 8 days to feeding farm goats that saves money and is healthier. There are so many benefits SEVAI Team discovering the more they work through these trials of producing maize fodder mats for goats to eat. As per the nutritional analysis it was understood that this is a super food and good stuff for the goats and also for milking cows. It takes 8 days to go from seed to feed, the entire fodder mats to the animals are being given and the goats eat the whole thing: roots, maize seed, and the 15 cm of green grassy growth.SEVAI also is finding that the amount of normal fodder eaten changes too. They eat less normal fodder, because they only need it for roughage rather than straight
Maize seed fodder is ready as goat feed in a week
forward nutrition. The produce is being done in the garden trays (propagation trays) used for starting seedlings, so they don’t drain, just watering those, converting over to a Ebb-and-Flow approach. The idea is to keep the seeds wet, but not in water. Sitting in water they ferment and are prone to molds vs. growing into maize grass. So, not only are the Sirugamani goats getting a healthy diet, but reducing the regular feed usage, which is expensive. Dairy unit of this farm experiences a big increase in milk production from cows and healthy growth of goats. Fresh nutritious sprouting maize fodders every day reliable low cost hydroponic fodder systems benefits cows and goats.
SEVAI Sirugamani farm produce large volume environmentally friendly hydroponic sprouting maize fodder production systems. This unique system has an intensive one week cycle using the combination of a highly controlled environment with a specific nutrient formula to maximize fodder growth.-Govin

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