Saturday, April 18, 2015

Thottiyapatty farmers cultivate cucumber in their watershed project, a SG/OFI and SEVAI.

Cucumber cultivation process in Thottiyapatty

Thottiyapatty farmers cultivate cucumber in their watershed project; a SG/OFI and SEVAI.Cucumbers (Cucumis Sativus) are a warm-season vegetable planted in pre-summer and harvested in summer in Tamilnadu. Cucumbers grow in any amount of space, thanks to the plant's ability to withstand the summer of Thottiyapatty watershed area. The summer crop cultivated as an irrigated crop requires enough soil moisture during its growth and development.' So irrigation is given as and when needed. No irrigation is given in rainy season crop. The cucumber cultivation is well under the open field. The crop responds well to the improved ago-techniques like manure fertilization, drip irrigation, staking etc. Fruit skin is yellowish white in colour suitable to the consumers’ preference. Gives very high yield. Fruits are straight and longer. No summer garden is without cucumbers in Thottiyapatty watershed. They are very easy to grow and are very prolific. Planted in a section of the garden that receives full sun and has an evenly moist, fertile soil, success is almost guaranteed. Like other summer crops, cucumbers are heavy feeders and demand a steady supply of water. Work plenty of organic matter into the soil before planting to help it retain moisture and to provide the nutrients the cucumber plants will need
Cucumber harvesting process
throughout the season. Cucumbers really don't need much attention once established in the garden. The cucumbers crave heat and needs steady moisture. A continuous water supply is necessary for the best quality fruits. The farmers of Thottiyapatty feed cucumbers well. Cucumbers, like other cucurbits (squash, melons, and pumpkins), are heavy feeders. If organic matter was incorporated into the soil prior to planting, fertilizer will not be needed early in the season. However, when the cucumber plants begin to blossom and set fruit, a side dressing of balanced soluble fertilizer will help keep the plants in production. Like most vegetables, cucumbers are tender and tastiest when harvested young before their seeds are fully developed. Slicing cucumber varieties are generally ready for harvest when about six to eight inches long; pickling types at three to five inches. The farmers don't allow the fruits to become overripe on the vine as this signals to the plant that the seed-development process is nearly complete and it will shut down. They keep mature fruits picked to encourage further production. The farmers of Thottiyapatty harvest the fruits early in the morning before the sun hits the cucumbers for the best flavor and texture.-Govin

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