Thursday, November 19, 2015

Children day -2015 SEVAI Shanthi Higher Secondary School

Fancy Dress like leaders by school children

Children’s Day was celebrated in SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School,Pettavaithalai on 14th November 2015. The birth day of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, a great leader of India who led the India as a first prime minister of India just after getting the independence in 1947 and his birth day is celebrated as Children’s Day.He worked great for the well being of children as well as youngsters after the independence of India. He worked so much for the education, progress and welfare of the children of India. He was very affectionate towards children and became famous as Chacha Nehru among them. He made a five year plan which includes free primary education, free meals including milk to the school children in order to prevent children from malnutrition in India. The deep love and fervor of Chacha Nehru
towards the children is the big reason of celebrating the Children’s Day at his birthday anniversary. The childhood is the great moments in the life of everybody which should be necessarily given a right track to become successful in the future as an asset of the country. Without the right track they may miss living a good life. This can be done only by giving a right education, care and way to progress. Chacha Nehru was really fond of children as well as roses that’s he said that children are like the buds of the garden. He said that children are the country’s actual strength as they would make developed society in future. Parents of the children also took part in this event very enthusiastically to make their children happy.-Govin


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