Thursday, December 24, 2015

SEVAI-AEM respond Cuddalore Floods for 500 families Keerapalayam Block of Cuddalore District

View of a home in Keerapalayam Block -damage due to floods.
SEVAI responds Cuddalore Floods with the assistance of AEM.Non-stop rain has broken a 100-year old record in Tamil Nadu and claimed many lives damaged houses, roads, schools, agricultural lands and affected livelihoods of thousands of households. The situation in Cuddalore is very serious. More than two million people have been affected, with vast tracts of land submerged, lives lost and livelihood wiped out. The death toll in rain-related incidents has crossed 500 overall in Tamil Nadu.Torrential rains have caused massive destruction and severe distress in the state of Tamil Nadu. The worst affected amongst the population are children, girls and women. Responding to the massive floods in
Cuddalore, SEVAI Teams have distributed biscuits and clean drinking water during its on-ground assessment immediately after the flooding, to 500 most needy families in Keerapalayam Block of Cuddalore District.SEVAI ( planned to reach out to 500 households with family relief packages in Cuddalore district especially in Keerapalayam Block of Tamil Nadu. AEM supported this project and also SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School students contributed funds for Cuddalore Floods relief. They contributed Rs.40000. Cudalore have been paralyzed by the worst flooding in December 2015. All the water reservoirs around the city have also been overflowing flooding the city and displacing thousands. Out of the 13 blocks in
Cuddalore district, 11 blocks have been affected by flood and 7 blocks (Cuddalore, Kurinjipadi, Panruti, Bhuvanagiri, Keerapalayam, Kattumannarkoil, Kumaratchi) have been put under the most affected list. The district witnessed the human loss of 90 thousand s of cattle, 50000 damaged huts (fully dilapidated/ washed away), over 24000 hectares had been completely damaged due to the cyclone, food and cash crops submerged, Fishing boats anchored in the Gadilam river at Devanampattinam in Cuddalore district were dragged away to the sea by the huge waves, and 53 villages had been surrounded by flood water with no accessibility to basic needs including water and food. About 43,000 people in rural areas and 6700 in urban areas have been accommodated in relief centers. Community kitchens have been opened at 32 centers to supply food and drinking water to around 50000 flood affected people. The Government alone was not able to manage the scale of the tragedy, while the army, navy and NDRF are helping the situation. The NGOs and volunteers stepped in and help flood victims.SEVAI undertook initial survey of flood affected villages of Keerapalayam Block of Cuddalore District with the SEVAI functionaries with the Support of Mr. Anthony Samy L.S.of Bless Cuddalore. There was a major need for supply of family relief kit over 1000 families. Initially SEVAI came forward to work in its capacity for supporting 500 families with family relief kits with children focus and with a long term rehabilitation approach of 6 hamlets in Keerapalayam of Cuddalore District. The villages where the family kits supplied are Esanai, Thangamani theru, Vela paddy,Chavadi,pudunatham east and Pudunatham west in Keerapalayam Block. We are thankful to AEM,SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School students, Mrs.  Mr.Oberoi, Bangalore, for their valuable contribution for supporting the family relief kits for 500 families in Cuddalore District flood victims.  SEVAI has been careful about not to duplicate the efforts of the
Government or other organisations and propose to support and supplement the existing efforts. The family relief kits supplied for each family contained 23 items such as Rice for food preparation, Blanket, Sleeping mat, Water tub for washing, Cooking utensil,mug,6 Biscuit pockets, Two soaps, one tooth paste, tooth brush,Shamboo,Eco-friendly carry bag, ICE Material bag on hygiene message etc,. Thousands have been forced to abandon their homes and displaced into relief camps and other temporary shelters after
water receding, the family members come back to their villages and homes, but their home hut got damaged, the family materials washed away, it was important to provide family relief packages for at least another 500 families and improve the shelters by repairing their huts for living worthy. The money which raised is used to provide the flood victims for providing family relief kits, children relief kits. Further assistance will be helpful to provide livelihood for the affected families, improving shelters and continue working for the rehabilitation programs in these most affected 6 villages. 

Floods surrounded by homes in Esanai Village of Cuddalore District.
Flood damages of the homes
Flood surrounded human settlements: human beings and cattle escape from floods
Children and women are shifted to safe places from the flood surrounded villages
Family relief kits supplied to flood affected villages
Flood victims queuing up for receiving family flood relief kits
Flood relief family kits for distribution as contributed by AEM
Truck of Family relief Kits provided by AEM
Family relief Packages ready for distribution for flood victims

Children focus relief material
Family relief packages supplied to flood affected families

SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School,Trichy contributes Rs.40,000 for Cuddalore immediate Flood relief

 Rice procurement for the distribution for Flood victims of Cuddalore from Manachanallur.

 Family Relief Package distributed to Esanai village flood victims by SEVAI


 Thanks giving by flood Victims


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