Wednesday, December 30, 2015

SEVAI Project :Thottiyapatty and Dasilnaicanoor villagers transformed 412 acres of unproductive land into a self-sufficient Agriculture farm: Supported by Society General through OFI, implemented by SEVAI.

Water conservation Awareness building.

Participatory planning with the people-PRA Process
Fallow land selection for watershed and agriculture project

Watershed map for implementation in Thottiyapatty.
Land reclamation and manure application

Contour bunding

Land Reclamation process
Kakayampatty Percolation Tank
Organic manure application for land reclamation

Check-dam construction
Check dam in Thottiyapatty east

Vermi compost production as process of organic farming

Ground nut sowing

Tree plantation
Murungai Cultivation

Tapioca harvest in Thottiyapatty
Murungai vegetable marketing
Murungai harvest

Storing of stems of Black maize for cattle fodder

Sweet potatoes harvesting
Brinjal harvest and sending for vegetable market
Vegetable Nursery Raising
Pulses Cultivation
Black gram plantation-harvest
Water storing for drip irrigation in a dry land farming
Cleaning black maize
Red maize production and ready for consumption

Food grain production
Tree nursery raising process
Sun flower seeds plantation
Land Tilling for paddy cultivation

Evening School in Dasilnaickanoor

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