Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Kalam Award for Knowledge Connectivity 2016-17. Citation Prof.Dr.P.Thiyagarajan, Ph.D.Prof.Head, School of Continuing Education.TNOU

Dr.P.Thiyagarajan,Ph.D.,receives Kalam Award from VC,TNOU
Prof.Dr.P.Thiyagarajan, Ph.D.serves as Prof.Head, School of Continuing Education in Tamilnadu Open University. With the rapid pace of growth in science & technology and frequent paradigm shifts in policy, governance and management, Continuing Education of working professionals in the industry is a vital need. In recent times, the Continuing Education Programmes have also made their presence felt outside of the country, reaffirming their quality and outreach potential. While these programmes continue to promote the objectives of training and dissemination of knowledge related to the frontiers in technology & management, OZONE also views these programmes as forums to. Understand challenges and needs in technology & management more clearly to assist working professionals in widening their knowledge base and improving their skills and help make the Indian industries globally competitive, by providing training in critical and cutting edge areas., promotes strong industry-institute interaction and open new areas of cooperation leading to research collaborations, improve the skills of a large number of faculty in various technical institutions across the country, to enable them to improve the quality of the trained manpower coming out of such institutions, seek National and International partnerships in knowledge creation and its dissemination worldwide and to foster learning as a vehicle for innovations and growth. OZONE recognizes the services of Prof.Dr.P.Thiyagarajan, Ph.D.Prof.Head, School of Continuing Education.TNOU.The South Zone Board of Continuing Education takes pride in conferring upon   Prof.Dr.P.Thiyagarajan, Ph.D.Prof.Head, School of Continuing Education.TNOU, the Kalam Award for Knowledge Connectivity for the year 2016-17on 25th September 2017 at Kalai Arangam Triumanamandapam, Trichy on the occasion of International Literacy Day Celebration.

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