Monday, September 4, 2017

Rural Sanitary Mart provides cost effective sanitation solution. Kalainjar appreciated SEVAI.

Rural Sanitory Mart in Sirugamani by SEVAI
Rural Sanitary Mart established in SEVAI, a Trichy based NGO in Sirugamani of Srirangam Taluk and this Rural Sanitary Mart (RSM) provides a one-stop-shop for all things sanitation and hygiene and it produces house-toilet prefabricated materials for erecting houses hold toilets. Sirugamani Rural Sanitary Mart currently serves as prefabricated toilets components over 400 house hold toilets. Sirugamani RSMs stocks everything that needed to construct a house hold toilet of villagers, latrine pans, traps, footrest, pit covers, pipes, pit lining rings, doors, material for concrete mortar, bricks, etc. The toilet pans made in RSM prevent water stagnation and breeding of mosquitoes. Sirugamani RSM also provides personal hygiene products such as soap, nail cutters, footwear, toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, and menstrual hygiene products. IEC Materials are also made available in this RSM and it trains the Joint Liability Groups and Women Self help groups the need of house-toilet and environmental and personal hygiene and the JLGs and SHG trained persons motivate the villagers for the importance of sanitation. Pupils of Schools are also being trained in school
CM-Kalainjar appreciated SEVAI Cost effective building
sanitation and SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School in Pettavaithalai is a great place to promote proper sanitation and hygiene as school adolescent girl students are real ambassadors of health and Hygiene
who acts as an agent of social change in sanitation, hygiene education and school education. Thanks to Swachh Bharat as promoted by Government of India and efficient implementation by Trichy District Administration of clean Trichy District.  There are a number of non-health related benefits of having own toilet that is used as motivation: privacy, convenience, safety, status, cost savings as  treating sickness caused by poor sanitation and hygiene is expensive and income generation from selling compost or vegetables grown in a
CM-Kalaijar handed over shield to SEVAI
garden watered with reused water. - Kris
Honorable M.K.Stalin inaugurated the houses constructed by SEVAI Poompuhar for tsunami survivors

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