Wednesday, September 6, 2017

SEVAI Moon School Promotes Education with Joyful atmosphere for rural children.

Moon School run by SEVAI in Thottiyapatty
Evening supplementary schools, Moon Schools run by SEVAI promote joyful learning and Joy captures the thrill of true learning – the curiosity, the passion, the collaboration, the connection, the effort, the fun, the pride, the sharing. Without education interior villages’ people are frequently exploited and will remain trapped in the vicious circle of poverty. Young children attend the evening classes up to 14 years. By then all students are able to read, write, and understand basic arithmetic and also excel well in their education system. As parents learn to value the education of their children, they help regular daytime village schools improve and send younger children to school regularly. closer to home, in Thottiyapatty village of Thogamalai Block, SEVAI opened evening school as complementary standard school education and the curriculum included English, Mathematics, science and even yoga. 50 children are attending for their evening school, this school is named as Moon School.SEVAI NGO identify youth from the village and impart teacher training and use the community hall, constructed by SEVAI with people’s participation with lighting and sanitation facility of the village and set up a Black Board and conducted evening classes which has established and administers the system by SEVAI.Classes from I to VIII are conducted, six days a week, after regular schooling hours. The School syllabus is followed in joyful atmosphere. Discipline, hygiene and elementary yoga are also included with a focus on character building. Moon schools run by SEVAI in a couple of villages have become a learning estate for the betterment’ of students academic performances as well as extracurricular activities. The approach in these classes is centered towards marks and better academic performance and added value based activities. Moon school approach focuses the joyful learning approach and it enables the activities of engaging, empowering, and playful learning of meaningful content in a loving and supportive community. Through the joyful learning process a student is always improving knowledge of self and the world. SEVAI recognizes that joy is experienced individually and as a children groups and that context matters a great value education. -Kris

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