Saturday, September 30, 2017

SG-SEVAI Check dam aims to improve the quality of life of farming families in Vilkalpatty.

Vilkalpatty Vepanpalli Check dam
    Vilkalpatty-Veppanpalli Kuttai is a permanent check dam constructed across feeding channel to lower the speed of concentrated flows for a already designed with the support of SG by SEVAI.  This check dam was constructed before south –west monsoon of 2017. The water speed is slowed, in the feeding channel and stored in the check dam and reduces erosion and prevents unwanted gully formation during heavy rain. The check dam
assists recharge of irrigation wells and allows groundwater recharge and sediment to settle out and it is cost effective. . SEVAI with the expert opinion of Mrs.Benjamine Oberoi and with the financial support of SG arrived at the conclusion that water scarcity, deforestation and soil erosion were the major causes leading to the poor agricultural yields in Vilkalpaty area. In response, the SEVAI began constructing check dams as an appropriate intervention to restore the degraded natural resource base in Vilkalpatty-Veppanpalli Kuttai and to help the local inhabitants meet their basic needs. Most of the year, the residents of Vilkalpatty-Veppanpalli Kuttai area experience acute scarcity of water for agricultural and domestic use and water sources are varied and often seasonal, ranging from tanks and streams to open wells, bore wells and irrigation canals. Here, agriculture is confined to a single crop in the entire year, rain-fed with supplementary water from private open irrigation wells. Thus, a large number of farmers are highly dependent on the monsoon rains to recharge these wells. The use of check dams has been decided upon in part because they are in
Cultivation started in Sep.2017
keeping with the organization’s overall goal to create sustainable livelihoods.SEVAI’s sustainable livelihoods approach to development incorporates the 
inter generational concept that it is vital to meet the needs of people today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. When applied to rural settings, this development approach emphasizes the regeneration and sustainable management of natural resources.
Vilkalpatty-Veppanpalli Kuttai "Check dam" is barrier built across the direction of water flow on streams for the purpose of water harvesting. The check dam retains excess water flow during monsoon rains in a small catchment area behind the structure. Pressure created in the catchment area helps force the impounded water into the ground. The major environmental benefit is the replenishment of nearby groundwater reserves and wells. The water entrapped by the dam, surface and subsurface, is primarily intended for use in irrigation during the monsoon and later during the dry season, but can also be used for livestock and domestic needs. This check dam has a high cost-benefit ratio and check dam structure is able to store a high volume of rainwater. This check dam aims to reduce poverty by providing additional surface and underground water leading to increased agricultural yield, increased income from the sale of crops, increased growth of fodder and this check dams has served to increase the quality of life in beneficiary communities.-Kris


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