Saturday, September 9, 2017

SOuth Zone Board of COntinuing Education (OZONE) observed international Literacy day on 8th September 2017.

SOuth Zone Board of COntinuing Education (OZONE) observed international Literacy day on 8th
Litercy Pledge adminstered by women
September in Arumbuhalnagar of Trichirapalli District.
International Literacy Day (ILD) is celebrated on 8th September every year. The key aspect of the observance of ILD is to mobilize public opinion in favour of struggle against illiteracy. ILD is a forum to disseminate information on literacy and raise the public awareness and the significance of literacy for individual and national development.The 51st International Literacy Day was celebrated with the theme announced by UNESCO `Literacy in a digital world’. The Chairperson of SOuth Zone Board of COntinuing Education (OZONE) K.Govindaraju addressed the gathering that Literacy is the very foundation for the development of the people and literacy must receive the highest priority. The Chairperson of SOuth Zone Board of COntinuing Education (OZONE) appreciated the Government of India’s initiative of setting up of 'school chalo abhiyan', to address the problem of children who are not going to schools and early school drop-outs”. K.Govindaraju recollected the view
World Literacy Day Function at SEVAI School,M.Marudur
expressed by HRD Minister, “Having achieved
81 per cent literacy, this is not only the time for literacy in terms of reading and writing, but of digital literacy as well.”Chairman of OZONE further mentioned that it is also very important to bring absolute literacy in India and this is the stage where reading, writing, and arithmetic are taught and this is the minimum basic need for every citizen and It involves all round early education of a child inclusive of what he is taught at home, pre-schools, and elementary schools, at most important that Literacy programmes for adults are of utmost importance.  If they can read and write they will learn to think and speak and this is the way to giving voice to entire citizens of India. Indian Government have been trying to solve this problem of illiteracy in various ways such as Actions have been initiated to raise education awareness at every home, neighborhood, village, town and district so that the programme has to be raised to the level of a mass movement by involving NGOs, teachers, students, housewives, Government employees, local clubs and the common people to implement the different phases of the programme. KL.Govindaraju, Chairman, OZONE concluded by saying,”Literacy expands the ability of an individual and India will cease to be a predominantly illiterate country.-Kris

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