Wednesday, September 27, 2017

South Zone Board of Continuing Education,- K.Govindaraju

The South Zone Board of Continuing Education, established in 2011, is born out of the ever-growing ambition andlogical resolve of the Founderto focus on socially relevant education, in general and purposeful continuing education, in particular in the Southern India (Comprising of Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh). The inspiration for expansion emanated from out of the long-time committed associationof the Founder with the governance, programmes and activities of the Tamil Nadu Board of Continuing Education (TNBCE) brought into existence by Dr Malcolm S. Audisehsiah in the early seventies, with its base in Chennai.
Literacy is the backbone of a progressive society and the heartbeat of a developing nation. Only a literate nation can really be free from all kinds of social and other oppressions by opening up unlimited avenues and varied arenas of progress to everyone and empowering all, including those under the yokes of oppression.The idea of expansion has stemmed out of the understanding of the reality that the Government alone cannot be burdened to take care of all development programmes in each and every sphere of life in the region. This understanding also necessitates and redefines active participation of non-government organizations (NGOs) in various social development projects.
Continuing education is one such field where NGOs can make very positive and significant contributions as evidenced by TNBCE in Tamil Nadu and similar bodies in the South Zone.The Continuing Education Scheme is multi-faceted and so are the programmes directed to achieve success in the sphere. Postulated on the principles of treating basic literacy, post literacy and later continuing education, many programmes are being planned, launched and continued. The schemes and programmes aim at positively addressing the socio-economic situations of the community and catalyzes provision of infrastructure for larger development initiatives. The South Zone Board of Continuing Education plans to provide strong academic and applicable technical resource support that would regularly benefit carrying out and sustaining continuing education efforts in the Zone.
In a developing country like India, the Community Collegesstand for an alternative system of Education, which aims at the inclusion and empowerment of the disadvantaged through appropriate skills development to turn them more employable. As the Community College system is ‘of’ the community, ‘for’ the community and ‘by’ the community, the South Zone Board of Continuing Education has also proposals to link the Community College system of Tamilnadu Open University to cater to the needs of the various sections of the  community. The proposed Community Colleges will be geared to offer and promote job-oriented, work related, skill-based and life-coping education.
Committed to make lasting contributions towards nation building, the South Zone Board of Continuing Education’ has launched myriad kinds of Training Programmes, Continuing Education Courses, Population Education Programmes, Programmes for development of vocational skills besides several other special, comprehensive rural/urban development activities in the target areas. Since its inception, the South Zone Board of Continuing Education has been playing a significant pro-active role in creating an appropriate environment where women themselves are encouraged to demand and seek knowledge for their empowerment. South Zone Board of Continuing Education provides career oriented assistance to the community in several districts of Tamilnadu and is willing to extend activities beyond the state.
The South Zone Board of Continuing Education has established useful working connections with NGOs serving for the promotion of Health, Animal Husbandry, Horticulture, Agriculture, Social Forestry, Rural Development, Social Welfare and Information and Education. The South Zone Board of Continuing Education has proposals to carry out the planned extension programmes in all necessary and possible sectors spreading them across the regions in the Zone.

With the strength of governance, association and hands-on experience in TNBCE for over three decades, the founders are sure to achieve the objectives of extending socially relevant education and sustain continuing education to benefit various sections and regions in the South Zone.

Chairman, OZONE

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