Sunday, November 5, 2017

Kalam Award for For Community Outreach 2016-17 presented to Mr.N.K.Perumal. RDO Trust

N.K.Perumal presented KALAM AWARD for Community Outreach program
RDO Trust was established in 1980, by the renowned social activitist, Mr.N.K.Perumal. His dream, clear vision and untiring toil have been instrumental in making RDO Trust , one of the leading voluntary organizations in India.RURAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION;  RDO Trust has done pioneering work for the upliftment of the downtrodden in the Nilgiris district of Tamilnadu. Right from its inception, RDO Trust has been working in close tandem with communities in remote villages, inhabited by Dalits, Tribals and Badaga communities. We at RDO Trust have gained valuable firsthand experience of the problems these communities face, by living with them, learning from them. RDO has provided viable solutions to them by training them and providing them with a clear road map for educational, economical, technological, social , cultural and moral development.This RURAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION NGO charity is working on Key Issues of Children, Disaster Management, Education & Literacy, Environment & Forests, Health & Family Welfare, Housing, Labour & Employment, Micro Finance (SHGs), Rural Development & Poverty Alleviation, Tribal Affairs, Vocational Training, Women's Development & Empowerment .Education to 85,000 first generation children of the Dalit, Tribal and Badaga communities. Women empowerment through micro finance (SHG) Total Sanitation Project aiming to build 1,00,000 toilets in The Nilgiris to achieve a open defecation free district. The RDO Trust is committed to serve the rural community by promoting innovative solutions and advocate for collective responsibilities. It facilitates lasting solutions by: Providing quality and value education for the poor children, Strengthening the capacity of women self help groups (SHGs) by innovatively, promoting Women Owned and Managed Mutual Benefit Trust.Launching diversified income generation activities for the rural people,Striving to build 150,000 household toilets,Researching on the Nilgiris Tribal’s the age old ‘healing system’,Influencing policy decisions at district, state and national levels through proper network systems.South Zone Board of Continuing Education recognizes RDO’s community outreach program.The South Zone Board of Continuing Education takes pride in conferring upon   Mr.N.K.Perumal the Founder of RDO, the Kalam Award for Community Outreach for the year 2016-17on 25 th October 2017 at Kalai arangam Conference Hall, Trichy.
 Mr.N.K.Perumal,Founder/Director of RDO, the Nilgris District in his award
acceptance speech said, “I am greatly honored by this award. I want to thank South Zone Board of Continuing Education (OZONE) for selecting me for presenting me the Award for Kalam Quality of Life Improvement Award. I want to take this occasion to thank all the people I worked with through the years. I want them to see this award as their award also. Voluntary organizations are based on the spirit of volunteerism, are autonomous and nonprofit organizations established to address various issues and problems in the society and play an important role in the development process as it promotes need based, area specific, innovative, integrated, environmental friendly and people friendly interventions. They have the capacity and capability to feel the pulse of the masses as they work at the grassroots level and are aware of the ground realities of the social problems. They work directly with the people. NGOs focus is on self sustained development. The NGOs work four decades back was voluntary and as of now Governments impose several conditions and regulations for NGOs to continue their development works. NGO functionaries need to be very attentive and comply with all the emerging system of the Governments”. -

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