Monday, September 17, 2018

Expertise in CSOs work is not only essential but also need of the hour – Dr.Rajesh Tandon.

Dr.Rajesh Tandon,

The sharing session on challenges and opportunities before the Civil Service Organizations, in rural and urban areas in Tamilnadu and to function in a better way was held at Gandhigram Trust at Gandhigram in Dindigul district on Saturday, the 15,Sep. 2018. Around 32 CSOs of Tamilnadu met in Gandhigram and  had a detailed brainstorming transparent discussions about the current status of Civil Societies under the dynamic leadership of Dr.Rajesh Tandon and eminent and seasoned NGO leaders in India.The young, small and medium sized representatives of NGOs have expressed their difficulties and their desire to get support from network organisations and other leaders. Dr. Rajesh Tandon, Founder of PRIA, New Delhi presided over the meeting cum interaction session with CSOs from various parts of the state. Sri K Shiva Kumar of Gandhigram coordinated the session. During interaction, Dr. Tandon offered his valuable ideas, focused highly potential and untapped areas for effective and better functioning of CSOs. CSO’S work is not noticed and common people have no idea about our selfless work. Media, especially social media should be tapped effectively for better focus and spread our ideals. CSOs should create a medium to “talk to those who do not know much about us.” Dr.Tandon added, ‘Expertise in CSOs work is not only essential but also need of the hour. Expertise in the field of health care, drinking water, infrastructure development, rural development, women and child care and labour are vital. Two decades ago, we had evolved and developed several practical role models for agriculture and rural development. The CSOs should go back to roots to restore its past glory. Urban poor, urban labourers, mostly in inorganised sector and exploitation of migrant labourers from north and north eastern states, forestry development are potential and untapped areas. Health of women, especially reproductive health care needs special attention.  CSOs think globally and act appropriately by understanding current scenario” is the advice of Dr.Rajesh Tandon.
Participants of the seminar
Nanditha Pradhan of Marthas’ Foundation briefed about importance of forming committee under sexual harassment of women at work place (prevention prohibition and redressal) Act 2013 as employer were responsible for maintaining a safe work environment meant for women workers and to conduct inquiry in case of discrepancy, if any.
K. Shiva Kumar said: “It is high time to rejuvenate CSOs to meet future challenges and tap opportunities. With concerted and relentless efforts and effective coordination and support, we would continue our work to redress our genuine grievances and get all eligible rights”. All must agree that space for social work and fund flow has shrunk sizably, so also strategies. CSOs should change their style of development work. Armed with huge funds and latest technologies, the CSR Foundations have made inroads in civil society. They field top management professionals and technocrats to execute the programmes in a scientific way. We should understand this noticeable effect”. The Participants appealed that highly committed and potential human resources in CSOs, and their valuable and practical knowledge and expertise on various social issues should be utilized efficiently for better civil society. The CSOs expressed need for a
Separate ministry for fund allocation and get projects from various ministries like single window system and channelize funds and Universities and higher educational institutions should share technologies and management techniques to CSOs for uplift of poor. SEVAI K.Govindarajan consolidated the views and appreciated the depth of the discussions and valid points raised by all the participants and thanked them. Earlier, Dr. Tandon presented an award to Mr. Shiva Kumar recognising his life time contributions in strengthening governance of civil society. He also handed over a shawl given by his “Highness Dalai Lama along with the blessings of his Highness”.-Kris

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