Thursday, September 13, 2018

International Literacy Day organized by OZONE-South Zone Board of Continuing Education, with a focus on Literacy and Skills Development on 8th Sep 2018.

Moon School in Dasilnaickanoor for Adolescents
International Literacy Day seminar was organized in Trichy of Tamilnadu by OZONE to remind the public of the importance of literacy as a matter of dignity and human rights. The International Day on ‘Literacy and Skills Development’ On the occasion, the Chairman of OZONE K.Govindaraju highlighted that the ILD need to focus on youth and adults within the lifelong learning framework, the effective linkages between literacy and skills. The Chairman said “The current focus is on integrated approaches in constant literacy and skills development for Sustainable Human Development. It is important to have information literacy standards as guidelines to determine the goals to be achieved. Objectives should follow, designed to accomplish each specific goal. It is also important to know the youth for whom these goals and objectives are designed and implemented, particularly in the skill educational environment. The People Education should on the poor, the illiterates, the neo-literates, the under-privileged and the un-reached they need not provide just skill development, but link literacy with vocational skills and provide large doses of Life Enrichment Education to the people. The people Education Institutes need to be different from other vocational training institutions as they need to offer quality vocational skills and technical knowledge at such a low cost; provide need based and literacy-linked vocational training in most courses without insisting on age limit or prior educational qualifications; reach out to the clientele in their areas unlike other institutions which the clientele has to access whether near or far; offer a multi-faceted skill-knowledge-awareness enhancement and outlook formation trainings and inputs and empowerment-oriented interventions in respect of social, economic and health status improvement of women and adolescent girls”. The SEVAI-Railway children team and other Literacy activists neo-Literates participate in this ILD seminar.-Govin

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