Friday, September 14, 2018

SEVAI, a Trichy based NGO constructs Check dam in Sengattukulam near Gudalur of Karur District.

Chengatukulam Check dam construction is in progress
SEVAI, a Trichy based NGO with the support of HIRZEL Foundation-OFI and technical support of CASA Foundation constructs Check dam in Sengattukulam situated near Gudalur village of Kulitalai Taluk of Karur District. This check dam construction is in progress. SEVAI had already constructed several Check dams and tank renovations in Thogamalai Block of the same District in Sengattukulam check dam is a significant   barrier constructed of strong stone foundation to reduce the effective slope of the channel, thereby storing water for agriculture development as it recharges the nearby wells also. Check dam is constructed to avoid gully formation and to control soil erosion and recharge ground water as the stored water can be used to grow crops. It has been built as permanent concrete structures to improve localized irrigation facilities by developing a network of check dams. Check dams facilitate infiltration of water into the soil. Check dams Control runoff and accelerate recharging. Check dams provide enough time and space for the water to soak into the soil.Check dam is useful for the management judicious use of all the resources i.e. land, water, vegetation in an area for providing an answer to alleviate drought, moderate floods, prevent soil erosion, improve water availability and increase food, fodder, fuel and fiber on sustained basis. Check dam helps to achieve maximum production with minimum hazard to the natural resources and for the well being of people. The check dam is a geo hydrological unit or piece of land that drain at a common point. Check dams have been built to check soil erosion and conserve water, several wells ponds and upgrade to make the water situation better both for drinking, irrigation purposes. India is one among the top most water-starved nations of the world due to declining water availability and escalating demand. This check dam has remarkable potential to be replicated to reduce irrigation water stress.K.Devendaran the SEVAI coordinator and K.Sakthivel, technical staff with the support of water user groups of farmers are involved in planning, decision making and implementation process of check dam construction.-Kris

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