Saturday, October 6, 2018

Inclusive Education gains momentum in General Schools –K.Govindaraju

SEVAI IED class room

In a seminar on inclusive Education in SSMHSS, Trichy, K.Govindaraju mentioned, “Inclusive Education gains momentum in General Schools. Inclusive education is an approach towards educating the children with disability and learning difficulties with that of normal ones within the same roof. Today many people with disabilities are breaking barriers through the use of technology. For some individuals with disabilities, assistive technology is a necessary tool that enables them to engage in or perform many tasks. Integrating technology will allow students to increase their self-confidence, self-motivation, independence and they will also be able to engage in different activities within the school. Special education (also known as special needs education, aided education, exceptional education or Special Ed) is the practice of educating students in a way that addresses their individual differences and needs. Ideally, this process involves the individually planned and systematically monitored arrangement of teaching procedures, adapted equipment
K.Govindaraju discussions with French Experts in France
and materials, and accessible settings. These interventions are designed to help individuals with special needs achieve a higher level of personal self-sufficiency and success in school and in their community which may not be available if the student were only given access to a typical classroom education. The term "special education" is generally used to specifically indicate instruction of students with disabilities. Whereas special education is designed specifically for students with special needs. Educators modify teaching methods and environments so that the maximum numbers of students are served in general education environments. Therefore, special education in developed countries is often regarded as a service. Integration can reduce social stigmas. Students receiving special education services can enroll in a General education setting to learn along with students without disabilities. A special education program should be customized to address each individual student's unique needs. Special educators provide a continuum of services, in which students with special needs receives varying degrees of support based on their individual needs. Special education programs need to be individualized so that they address the unique combination of needs in a given student. Students with special needs are assessed to determine their specific strengths and weaknesses. The earlier these students with special needs are assessed, the better it is for them to get the accommodations that they need in order for them to get the most out of their education. Placement, resources, and goals are determined on the basis of the student's needs. Students may need this help to access subject matter, physically gain access to the school, or meet their emotional needs.” -Kris

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