Sunday, November 4, 2018

The rare two branched coconut tree situated in SEVAI Shanthi Higher Matriculation Secondary School on a single trunk departed this life recently.-School plants 10 more trees.

Two branched coconut tree existed in SSMHSS
SEVAI Shanthi Higher Secondary School had a rare coconut tree having 2 separate branches on a single trunk. This special coconut tree was respected by the School as school tree. Due the age factor, this two branched coconut tree dried up. The teachers said, “The coconut tree is commonly called the "tree of life. The coconut tree is one of the most beautiful and useful trees, and supplies food, drink and shelter and also supplies raw material to number of industries intimately connected with domestic as well as economic life. Even after the death of a coconut tree, the stem is used for construction of houses and leaves are used for thatching, fencing and making baskets and broomsticks”. The school pupils and teachers paid respect the dead two branched coconut tree existed in school premises. The school took a pledge to plant 10 more coconut trees as the replacement of loss of two branched coconut tree. -Kris

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