Wednesday, December 19, 2018

RCI-SEVAI Open Shelter provides a safe and loving environment for rescued children.

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Railway Children and SEVAI has rescued 781 children in 10 months as of December 2018 in Trichirapalli Railway Junction, children below the 18 years of age. Most of these children lost interest in Education and school surroundings, abused, unwanted, Child labour purposes although some of the children have simply come out of an emotional situation where a parent just needed help. Children Assistance Booth has been set up in Trichy Railway Junction in Platform 1, with the approval of Railway authorities. The children those need care and protection have been produced before Children Welfare Committee for sheltering them and follow up for psychological support restoration with the parents as per the best interest of the Child. Railway Children and SEVAI (RCI-SEVAI), with the approval of Department of Social Defence, Government
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of Tamilnadu has given license to run an Open Shelter for rescued 21 male children. The children live in a joyful learning atmosphere with care givers who are with them twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to give guidance and encouragement. Non formal and Health Education,Yoga classes have been imparted to the children and steps are being taken for mainstreaming them. Life Skill and Life Enrichment skills are imparted to the sheltered children. RCI-SEVAI with the support of CWC has taken children in and tried to make a difference in their vulnerable lives and to help to rebuild the broken lives of these children and to build the bridge, between home, parent, and child as to productive adults raising their own children. Our intervention in
aftercare strives to enable rescued children victims to heal, recover, and develop a hopeful, healthy life. The RCI-SEVAI Open Shelter provides a safe and loving environment.-Govin
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