Thursday, February 14, 2019

SEVAI Women Self Help Groups performances recognized.

SEVAI Women Self Help Groups performances were recognized by Mrs. Benjamine Oberoi. Mrs.Benjamine Oberoi, (OFI- Vice President/CFI Founder) received Raja Foundation’s Women’s Award-2018 in France recently from the Raja Danièle-Marcovici Foundation. In the Felicitation get together of SEVAI Women Self Help Groups Federation Leaders on 7, Feb 2019 in SEVAI Allur, Trichy, Mrs.Benjamine Oberoi presented the power points presentation shared by her in Raja Foundation about the
Benjamine with Vanitha Presents power point
works of SEVAI SHGs where Mrs.Benjamine Oberoi played a vital role in promoting the SHGs in collaboration with SEVAI. Mrs.Benjamine Oberoi said
SEVAI Senior Management hands over souvenir 
that Raja Danièle-Marcovici Foundation has recognized organizations in France and around the world for actions that have a concrete and lasting impact for the benefit of women and encourages their empowerment and the improvement of their living conditions with better quality of life. Mrs.Oberoi further said, “Raja Danièle-Marcovici Foundation supports projects in the fight against violence and the defense of women’s rights, education and social action, training and professional integration, protection of the environment and the fight against climate change”.
K.Govindaraju, Director of SEVAI said, “OFI/CFI has been supporting various projects for the empowerment and economic empowerment of rural women in Tamil Nadu for more than a decade.Mrs.Benjamine Oberoi, OFI/CFI Vice President with her local partner SEVAI has the created more than 15,000 Self-Help Groups. 150,000 households were able to overcome the poverty line. Mrs.Benjamine humbly said that she received this award on behalf of every SHG member of SEVAI and added “SHGS promoted by SEVAI is the backbone for winning Raja
Sharing Lunch with Women SHG Leaders.
Foundation Award -2018 These awards are intended to provide public recognition to the outstanding performance of the community institutions besides incorporating a sense of pride among the poor community members,
This Award was given to the Objectif France-Inde for its projects to support marginalized women towards the end of poverty by setting up a Self-Help Groups (groups of mutual aid). It was presented by Benedicte Jeannerod, Director of the Paris office of Human Rights Watch”.Mrs.Benjamine presented a certificate for all the SHG
SHG Federation Leaders with Mrs.Benjamine displaying  the certificates
Federation leaders in the recognition of services as joy of sharing this Raja Foundation Women’s Award-2018.The SHG coordinator of SEVAI, Mrs.P.Vanitha presented a souvenir to Mrs.Benjamine. The get to get-together came to an end with a lunch hosted by Mrs.Benjamine Oberoi. Earlier Mrs.Benjamine launched a readymade garments production unit as initiated by SEVAI as self employment generation for women Self Help group members.-


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