Friday, February 4, 2011

‘Gowens Dispensary caters to the need of children with Muscular dystrophy’

Nagapatinam.3,Feb: ‘‘Gowens Dispensary gives physiotherapy for children affected by Muscular dystrophy also’ says Dr.R.Deivakumar, Mayopathy coordinator. Muscular dystrophy, a genetic disease marked by progressive weakness and degeneration of the skeletal or voluntary muscles which control movement. They differ in severity, age of onset, muscles affected first and most often, the rate at which symptoms progress, etc., In the absence of Muscle building protein-Dystrophin, the muscles deteriorate at a rapid pace without being replenished. The disorder progressively cripples the person and confines the afflicted persons to wheel chairs. Physiotherapy is the only Intervention possible to alleviate the pain. Physiotherapy can help the children with Muscular Dystrophy to reach their maximum physical potential, minimize the development of contractures and deformity through a programme of appropriate stretches and exercises. 

 Gowens Dispensary started as tsunami rehabilitation now serves as the comprehensive health centre and a placement centre for training the rural young women as nursing assistants the interior villages. Gowens Dispensary concentrates on preventive, curative and promotive health aspects catering to the needs of around 6000 population in and around Kadambadi of Nagapatinam. Dr.R.Deivakumar makes arrangements for part time of Physiotherapist to Gowens and Gowens Dispensary gives physiotherapy for children affected by Muscular dystrophy also which of its first kind.

A team of Nurse and local women trained as village health workers serve sportively in 7 locations in Kadambadi cluster, providing first aid, home advice and basic health education. Mother and child health care for 6078 families, Prevention and control of water borne diseases and other minor ailments for needy locations covering 6078 families,HIV/AIDS Prevention education and target intervention of around 500 persons both men and women. Health Coordinator of Gowens Dispensary Rathinasamy said ‘one Eye camp was organized in 2010 covering 2086 members in which 186 members underwent cataract operation for their eyes with the support of Government; Conducted one Dental camp covering 1258 members, One Diabetic screening Camp arranged wherein 1623 members participated actively, One general health organized for high risk and vulnerable population, Promotion of Patients Drop in Centre for Prevention, Care and Support, Identified 102 people living with HIV;Promoted 70 volunteers for link work programme to reduce stigma and discrimination against HIV/AIDS persons;Seven Watsan Committee strengthened; 26 children promoted as “Health Ambassadors”.

The increased understanding and practices of women, men and children of affected communities about public health related issues and enabled them to change situations in their habitations. SEVAI coordinator, Indrani said that it was the FdnF, which extends its support to the coastal area since 1993 with Raman Dispensary in Thirunagari and a day care centre for elderly persons. At the unknown hit of tsunami, FdnF is the first one extended its helping hand for relief and also rehabilitation projects such as housing professional training etc.Indirani claims that Gowens dispensary promoted by FdnF now touches the core health needs of the surrounding population even giving therapies for children affected by muscular dystrophy. ‘Thanks to Gowens for such a support.  The instructor of professional training, Shanmugavalli says that Gowens Dispensary is very the very base for project internship in addition to its regular health services for the professional trainees in the areas of nursing assistant and helpers of the hospitals and bed side assistant courses given at Kadambadi centre with the support of FdnF-E N S

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