Friday, May 6, 2011

Increased job skill transfer ability and Increased job stability in FdnF Project of SEVAI.

Tsunami affected Nagapatinam young women gain jobs with continued education

Professional and continued education provides benefits for increased job stability and advancement opportunities. Adults who earned a high school certificate, however had difficulties have another opportunity in the professional training program conducted by SEVAI with the support of FdnF. Professional and continued education provides enrollees with diverse opportunities to learn a skill. There are many well paid career fields in which a college degree is not required. Contrary to popular myth, that without a college degree you have no future, there is plenty of opportunity for those not destined for college. FdnF project of SEVAI T benefits of vocational program include their alternative to college programs, along with the ability to obtain a career that leads to a successful life. Some of the well paid people today are in the trades, healthcare, and computer industry. Professional and continued education institute of FdnF of SEVAI has been designed for those who need or like to work with their hands or prefer work skills that require active engagement. The following are examples of other benefits, which include: Higher hourly wages compared with those who have only a high school degree, Actively engaged in problem solving in the working environment, Hands-on work activities that allow application of knowledge, Employment opportunities which involve the outdoors, Leading to employment opportunities which offer greater responsibilities, Learning new work skills to meet requirements in an ever changing work place, Learning new skills for changing careers, Increased job skill transfer ability and  Increased job stability. The benefits of completing vocational and technical education programs are excellent for those who want to seek continuing education and increase their job skills. With the ever changing job market and the need for additional education, vocational and technical education provides opportunities for those who do want to attend a 4 year college.-Govin

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