Thursday, July 21, 2011

Coaching SEVAI Shanthi Higher Secondary School Volleyball team

Volley ball team of SSMHSS in practical session with their coach
For Volley Ball coach, Vinita, SEVAI Shanthi higher Secondary school volleyball is a great place to be. Athletes are fun and excited about the sport, and the competition is tough enough to keep everyone interested in the team’s success. Volley Ball Coach Vinita of this school understands the dynamics of the team, the reasons athletes play, and to keep everyone motivated to improve. Athletes play higher Secondary school volleyball for many different reasons. Some athletes have aspirations of college or professional play. Some play for the fitness benefits and others for the social aspects. Still others are motivated externally, by parents or friends who convince them to take part. Volley Ball Coach Vinita is aware of these different motivations in order to effectively coach the team to success. By recognizing the different motivating factors, Vinita reaches each athlete personally and bring the team’s shared vision to light. She deals with athletes who have different motivations and work with the team as a whole to outline several major goals for the season. These goals are specific enough so that everyone understands them and ambitious enough to make everyone work hard to reach them. Volley Ball Coach Vinita of this school brings up the goals frequently to help keep everyone on track.
By using common goals, Volley Ball Coach Vinita of this SEVAI Shanthi higher Secondary school motivates athletes who are playing for different reasons. Building a vision of teamwork and unity pushes everyone to put aside their different motivations and buy into the motivation of overall team success. School athletes have many demands on their time, and volleyball is just one of them. Coaches must understand the pressures their athletes face and do their best to respect the athletes’ time. By doing so, coaches set themselves up to get respect returned from the athletes, making a positive relationship between coach and athlete. Vinita encourages athletes to take part in different activities during their school years. While it is not unhealthy for athletes to only participate in one thing, exposure to other activities, including sports, the arts, academics, and volunteering makes a well-rounded athlete. Volley Ball Coach Vinita avoids ultimatums regarding volleyball as much as possible, working with athletes to allow their other activities. Volley Ball Coach Vinita has a tough time juggling the different purposes of the team. The team is a vehicle to a healthy lifestyle and positive social relationships, but it is also meant to create successful athletes and bring prestige to the school. Volley Ball Coach Vinita sits down early with administrators to determine the purpose of the team, fighting for the needs of the athletes as well as the needs of the school. The coach Vinita strives to balance the desire to win with the desire to educate athletes on life skills and come to a positive conclusion about the purpose of higher Secondary school volleyball. Govin

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