Thursday, August 18, 2011

Revolving fund to SHGs is the step stone for sustainability of community development efforts –Dr.K.Govindaraju

SHG member receives Revolving fund from Dt.Collector under MATHI
Trichy:The idea of Women SHGs using the revolving fund when it began to show awareness that the poor are not the have not but the have little. That they are economically active, the poor need more accessibility on the service provider rather than pity. And those women development efforts to be complete when have economic benefits for their members. Years since 1995 SEVAI SHG members have used the revolving fund mechanism as a means to enhance women self-reliance through self-helps groups, which assisted. SEVAI efforts in empowering the community for at least have 3 experiences with the management of revolving fund program, the First Savings and Credit, among self-help groups. Second, women empowerment, and Third, start up funds for women development. In each of the RF assisted, SEVAI have always emphasized the importance of fertilization capital of its members. Fertilization capital is the result of production, labour and now a lot of money.   The success and sustainability of women development efforts using the instrument revolving fund is determined by the First, the effectiveness of organizing a group, Second, the effectiveness of support groups, and Third, the readiness of the institutions for the partnership. About SEVAI’s effectiveness, SEVAI is a community development model that emphasizes the process of independence in togetherness. With SEVAI as the vehicle: mutual learning, joint problem identification, resource mobilization, and expand the network of communication with others. As members of SEVAI SHGs were poor people, so the activities of the SEVAI aimed to increase income and welfare of members.-Govin  

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