Monday, September 26, 2011

Kennedy Shriver’s work continues to transform the lives of millions of people with intellectual disabilities and their families- Paul Devasagayam.

EKS day participants honoured by Area Director SOB

Chennai:25th Sep,2011:SOB - Tamilnadu celebrated the EKS Day in a grand manner by organizing an unified basket Ball tournament JJ indoor Basket Ball stadium, Chennai. Around 150 special children, along with Chennai District and nearly 60 Unified partners & Volunteers from various colleges participated in the program and it commenced with the prayer and welcomed by Master .Karan Special athlete, Special committee SOB /TN member.. Tamilnadu basket ball Association Joint secretary presided over the function in esteemed presence of Mr.Arumugam, Mr.Prabhakar other committee members. Mr. Paul devasagayam, Area Director lighted the Kuthuvilakku and delivered the key note address on EKS Day. Mr. Paul Devasagayam Said, “Kennedy Shriver’s work continues to transform the lives of millions of people with intellectual disabilities, and their families. The Special Olympics has grown from that day to what it is today — a global movement of 3.5 million athletes in over 170 countries in all regions of the world dedicated to promoting respect, acceptance, inclusion and human dignity for people with intellectual disabilities through sport. Through the common and simple vehicle of sport, Special Olympics is helping to bring about attitudinal change in the way people with intellectual disabilities view themselves and are viewed and treated by others, replacing misunderstanding and fear with respect, acceptance and inclusion. Communities, sponsors, volunteers, coaches, spectators, journalists and all those who have been embraced by Special Olympics athletes find that the experience opens their eyes and minds and changes their lives forever. Eunice Kennedy Shriver leaves this profound and lasting legacy on the world. Not only have Special Olympics changed millions of lives but it has a real impact beyond sport, helping shape public policy and effect social change. This year is an exciting one in June 2011 which celebrated the 2011 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Greece. The events provided strong platforms to raise awareness of our movement and showcase the abilities and spirit of our athletes. At Special Olympics we are uniters. Our athlete, family and volunteer stories inspire, entertain, energise, change attitudes and break down barriers to inclusion and friendships. Eunice Kennedy Shriver devoted her life to fighting for the rights of those with intellectual disabilities. Eunice Kennedy Shriver was an outstanding leader in the worldwide struggle to improve and enhance the lives of people with intellectual disability” Elaborate arrangements were made and the organizers provided lunch and snacks for all the participants. Program souvenir and certificates were distributed to all the Unified partners and volunteers. Govin

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