Monday, September 26, 2011

SEVAI School teachers counselors enables parents to Raise Happy Kids-Dr.K.Govindaraju

SEVAI School kids taken care by parents

Like many people, parenting your children is probably one of the most fulfilling feelings in your life. Parents compromise a lot to give their kids what they perceive as happiness, joy and love. Somehow, parenting our children is the most responsible thing most of us do in our life, yet we are doomed to experiment every day of our kids' life, through trial and error, to find the formula for better parenting. Parenting has been going on since the beginning of humanity, but many parents still feel they must reinvent the wheel over and over again and count on some mysterious instincts they are supposed to have. Many parents have difficulties balancing their time between their jobs, their partner and parenting their kids. They also struggle to make whatever resources they have meet their kids' needs. This situation is reflected by their kids' behavior and state of mind, often causing unhappiness, frustration and self doubt. Teenage kids make parenting an even bigger challenge. If you feel like this too, read on, because help is just around the corner..."By implementing what I have learnt, I've seen changes within our family that have really contributed to happier and satisfying relationships”. The Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids parenting workshop is a future-focused coaching course for parents who want to break free from the common belief that parenting is hard. It is the best program for parents who feel their kids are important to them and want to enjoy their time with their kids. In the Happy Parents Raise Happy Kids parenting workshop, you will learn to coach yourself and your family towards positive thinking, self acceptance, appreciation, self confidence, love and caring. You need to integrate them into your life and get the philosophy and the principles behind them in order to be able to use them. A teacher counseling in SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary school enables the parents, Using positive language and positive focus - Learn how the words you use encourage your kids to do the wrong thing and how you can change that Understanding children with different communication styles - Learn to recognise, accept, interpret and communicate in the styles of your family members, Expressing love for children the way they can feel it - Learn to fill your children's "love tanks", as well as your own, and keep them full, Aligning beliefs - Learn to eliminate limiting beliefs and create empowering beliefs for you and your children, Aligning values - Learn to tell your children what you want for them and to find out what they want for themselves, so you can help them get it, Setting safe and effective rules & boundaries - Learn to handle and prevent typical stressful parenting situations by creating a clearly outlined and safe emotional environment for your children -Govin

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