Tuesday, September 13, 2011

SEVAI Ferro-cement roofing is for affordable housing for poor-Dr.K.Govindaraju

Ferro cement roofed work-shed of SEVAI
SEVAI Ferro cement technology package for roofing uses state of-the-art design principles to manufacture reinforced shells. Commonly called channels they are produced on specially designed vibrating tables and profiled moulds. The production system is uniquely tailored to provide special end details, consistent shape and thickness; all crucial for high performance the channels made with an optimized proportion of cement, sand and water. They have a very high density, are impervious to penetration of water and provide high structural strength. Ferro cement roofing technology offers a viable alternative to conventional flat roofing systems such as reinforced cement concrete, reinforced brick cement, sand stone, etc. in both rural and urban areas of the country.Ferrocement roofing channels have a uniform segmental profile; they are 2.5 cm thick and 83 cm wide. Ferro cement roofing channels are manufactured using designed mix of cement, sand and water to give high strength mortar that is reinforced with a layer of galvanized iron chicken wire mesh of 22 gauge and tor steel bars of 8-12 mm diameter provided in the bottom nibs of the channel. Ferro cement roofing channels can be safely transported for the application after a curing period of 14 days. The mechanized system of production uses a vibrating table and profiled steel shell moulds. The production yard consists of a vibrating table positioned under a gantry system 6.5mts in width the gantry is fitted with a chain and a pulley system for ease of handling of cast moulds. A production team consisting of 2 mason, 12 unskilled workers and a supervisor can produce upto 15 channels of 3.0-m length each in 8 hours operation. The moulds are cast using the designed mortar and the filled moulds are lifted from the vibration table using specially designed lifting frame and steel tongs. Before demoulding, these moulds are kept undisturbed for 24 hours till the freshly cast channels achieve minimum strength. Finally these channels are stacked for water curing for minimum 14 days before they can be used for construction.  Advantages of SEVAI Ferro cement channels are used for Fast construction – prefabricated channels enable to construct a roof in just 3 days, No shuttering required, unlike in-slab slab casting, 30% cost saving over RCC roofing, Less dead load on the walls, High strength to weight ratio, Appealing aesthetics - elegant profile and uniform size.Ferrocement roofing channels, offer unmatched speed of construction and offers a vast range for flat roof application such as Residences, Primary schools, and other community buildings, Porticos, verandahs and garages, Industrial sheds, Workshops and godowns, Farm houses and semi-covered structures.-Govin

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