Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Street plays organized by SEVAI fighting against stigma attached with Children with special needs.

Street play organised by SEVAI on inclusive Education
SEVAI organizes Street in target villages for including the children in need. SEVAI fights against the stigma attached by certain persons with disability and street plays crates awareness on equal opportunities to disabled persons complying with disability act 1996. Inclusive Education in India needs promotion, awareness, attention, and clear understanding of the concept for true implementation at grass root level in marginalized communities.  General public lack understanding of inclusive education, there is lot of discrimination seen and observed at community level. Mostly children dislike and do not accept their fellow children who are deprived, need care and love for inclusive environment. Teachers need to care to attend disabled, disadvantaged, poor and neglected children in class room environment. School management of private and big schools do not have awareness of keeping free mobility facilities in school premises for possible admissions of disabled children, the class room environment do not allow wheel chair users to enter because of mostly schools have class rooms upstairs and also steps for class room entrance. Awareness lack among the general public about inclusive society, the educators are not familiar with the concept of inclusive education. There is great need to develop a system where ordinary people, school management, teachers and parents must be given basic knowledge and awareness about concept of inclusive education. Due to inclusive barriers, disabled and disadvantaged children remain out of schools, these children need inclusive environment in their homes to learn to face social barriers, schools and other community centers must create opportunities for possible inclusion. The most important thing is, how to promote inclusive environment, how people can be motivated to accept neglected and ignorant children and disabled persons, how people can be motivated to think for equality. There are physical and environmental and cultural barriers in our society, due to which people do not bother to listen and learn about inclusive environment and education. Mentally and physically disabled children love to attend school.SEVAI/SSA Inclusive Education System provides disabled children and normal children of marginalized community’s for equal opportunities to learn to live and study together.SEVAI striving for the uplift of basic rights and recognition of disabled women and children in rural marginalized communities, we have different rehabilitation and awareness based projects for women and children. “SEVAI Inclusive Education System” school for all, inviting poor, disabled, orphan and disadvantaged children for formal school education.-Govin

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