Saturday, October 8, 2011

Physiotherapy given for physically challenged children in SEVAI

Physiotherapist screens the physically challenged
Every physically challenged student under IED of SEVAI under SSA has been provided with pediatric physiotherapy support with the basis for mobility and postural management programmes that are tailored to individual need and are integrated into all areas of school life. Under this project Physiotherapy is delivered in individual sessions and within a group, and is integrated into the classrooms and residential schools. Our physiotherapists train staff and care takers so that there is a consistent approach and delivery of student’s programme. SEVAI encourages maximum input from our students to help them fulfill their functional potential and are also happy to advise and support parents.SEVAI also offer Standing programmes, Mobility programmes including: walking, wheelchair mobility; hydrotherapy programmes, Assessment and management of orthotic needs, and a weekly clinic with a visiting orthotist, Liaison with outside professionals, including other therapists, wheelchair services and consultants, Support for students on return to school following surgery, Fitness and co-ordination groups, Two therapeutic riding groups each week, Involvement in the delivery of the curriculum, including personal and physical development, sensory, and enrichment sessions, On-site seating and wheelchair clinics and advice on equipment provision. Govin

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  1. Under this activity Physiotherapy is delivered in alone sessions and aural a group, and is chip into the classrooms and residential schools.

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