Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Villuthuhal women Federation promoted by SEVAI Strengthens Leadership Skill of SHGs

Gem polishing unit of Villuthuhal members

Villuthuhal Trichy is a Federation of SHGs promoted by SEVAI Organization as assisted by OFI.  It is the outcome of the experience of many Women Development Workers who had lived and worked among the people in Trichy District for more than 25 years. The Women Development Workers of SEVAI felt the need to bring structural change for the women. Its aim is to empower women in and around Trichy District, for the integral development of individuals, families, and communities in order to establish peace and stability and to build up families and communities. Villuthuhal Trichy has trained the SEVAI team for Formation of SHGs, Handicrafts making, Design and technical support. Income Generation programme, Cutting, tailoring and embroidery, Jewelry making,Weaving,Various trainings for different groups in organic farming in Agriculture, Open Schools,Marketing,Survey and documentation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Girl Child Education etc.Villuthhal trained the women SHGs  in Entrepreneurship:  small business management, petty shop, seasonal business etc,vegetable cultivation, planting paddy, bananas, seasonal fruits, Records maintenance, account management, Govt. Schemes & Facilities, bank linkage, loaning etc. Computer courses basic and DTP, value education, Inculcation of best practices such as Clean and safe drinking water, hand pumps, raising tube wells, Situational analysis, Community Sensitization on Community Family Disaster Preparedness, Formation of Village Disaster Management Committee, Formation of Task Force Group, The women federation, Villuithukal has taken a strong step in abolishing dowry systems and other social issues from the society. The women not only taking loans from the group savings but also availing it from other govt. and non govt. agencies and have used it as a source of income which has helped them to increase their family income and provide help in the time of needs.Govin

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