Saturday, October 15, 2011

SEVAI Amoor cottage is taking the rural tourism initiative forward.

SEVAI Amoor cottages view
SEVAI through its Amoor cottage project promotes rural tourism to enlighten the income, employment and economic stability in rural communities in India, help boosting a range of activities, services and amenities provided by farmers and rural people to attract urban tourists to their area, thus providing opportunity for urban people to get back to the root, Making it a spectacular way to discover Tamilnadu's deep-rooted culture in rural villages, hamlets and smaller towns. Rural Tamilnadu is extremely simple and hospitable and one can be sure to make some new friends living in the heart of this vibrant peninsular. Each village has its own distinctive performing arts, rituals, festivals and different styles of worshiping their local deities. Amoor cottages of SEVAI Situated near Trichy in Tamilnadu  offers travelers a unique reality holiday experience, by giving its travelers an opportunity to discover rural India’s fairs, dance and arts forms. Until a few years ago, the future of many rare rural arts forms was threatened. It’s audience moved over to larger entertainment media like television and cinema and due to this lack of patronage folk artistes and artisans were forced to take on other occupations. In efforts to revive these disappearing art forms, rural tourism has become a boon for them. Rural tourism has brought the rural Tamilnadu a wider global audience. Tourist visiting village fairs and festivals interact and learn from these village artisans firsthand. With increasing education level, growing interest in heritage & culture, environmental consciousness, growing interest in one’s roots and improved means of transport & communication SEVAI Amoor cottages is taking the rural tourism initiative forward. Govin

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