Saturday, November 5, 2011

Children friendly play ground in SEVAI Shanthi Higher Secondary School

SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School
SEVAI school playground fulfills several functions. First, it provides a safe place for children to play. Second, it provides an environment where children feel relaxed, able to play freely and creatively. And it is visually appealing as well, making the school appear a welcoming space. This school playground doesn't have lots of fancy or expensive equipment; rather, smart design of this SEVAI School helps school playground to fulfill all of these important functions. The playground offers large spaces for free play. Free play helps kids to become more creative, confident and social, and possibly even more intelligent. Plus, free play is fun; helping kids to relax and remember that school can be enjoyable. Constant supervision is given as crucial intervention on a playground. Kids feel safe from the outside world as well as from playground injuries. Thus, teachers on "playground duty" are able to easily monitor all areas of the playground. This playground wraps around the building in an L shape to maximize use of space while allowing several teachers to effectively survey the playground. Children don't always want to feel exposed on the playground. Sometimes they need a quiet spot for playing with a small group of peers. Safely discovering purposefully hidden nooks in a playground keeps their imaginations working. It gives them a way to play hide and seek, and provides a structure for games like "house" or "pirate ship." These spots are decorated with themes, such as "good habits." These spaces are not entirely hidden; rather, they are allowing teachers to easily look in.SEVAI school playground are complete with a garden. Children dig in the dirt to learn about plants and develop a sense of connection with the earth. The school management planted colorful flowers around the edge along pathways, to draw interest in the project. Playground makes all children feel welcome, regardless of disabilities. Playground equipment like jungle gyms and slides offer a way for all children to participate, offering alternative routes and ways of playing taking into the account of high-quality playground equipment. -Govin

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