Thursday, November 10, 2011

School safety includes keeping campuses improving discipline, and increasing student attendance. - Mrs.P.Chitra

Principal P.Chitra in School monitors school safety
SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School of Trichy ensures that all students and teachers and associated team members of this school are safe, secure and educational and cocurricularily productive. The one of the SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary school’s goals in this campaign is to motivate key education and law enforcement policymakers, as well as students, parents and community residents, to vigorously advocate school safety. School safety includes keeping campuses improving discipline, and increasing student attendance. This School ensures the well-being of all children and the quality of their education. “While most schools have existing safety programs, these programs often need conscientious, creative application to improve their effectiveness” said Principal Mrs.P.Chitra. Principal added that this school provides a unique opportunity for pupils and parents to focus on educational issues that directly affect the children. The most important strategy is to place school safety on the educational agenda. This includes developing a safe schools plan - an ongoing process that encompasses in-service training, crisis preparation, interagency cooperation and student/parent participation. A task force has been developed and implemented the plan with representatives from Parent Teachers Association. The Management and PTA address the school safety. They work toward achieving quality education and safer schools. Through such activities, schools can improve campus climate and discipline, as well as enlist participation from various groups to create partnerships in this important effort. Teachers who take active roles and initiate positive programs - rather than just react when negative conditions arise - help create successful atmosphere in this SEVAI Shanthi Matriculation Higher Secondary School. The ideas are primary strategies to help inform, persuade, and integrate school safety and public opinion. These ideas facilitate planning and the implementation of the remaining strategies that quality education provides safe, disciplined and peaceful school atmosphere. Stress the basic concept that school safety is a parents concern requiring a parent-teacher and student response. This School administrator facilitate and coordinate the school community efforts to ensure safe school, and develop a wide safe schools plan, as well as individual plans for each school in the system. This school includes systematic procedures for dealing with specific types of crises and ensuring the safety of students and school personnel and develops a school safety. The school policy includes the development of a standard form to provide complete and consistent information on risks, discipline problems, d security problems as well”.Mrs.P.Chitra further added that the school coordinates school safety that outline the relationship of school safety to quality education and emphasize the need for public support of schools and Use actual case studies, such as student misbehavior problems from local schools, as part of the training. This helps teachers identify more readily with such situations and mitigates an attitude of "that doesn't happen here.".The school management encourages teachers to contact parents regularly to inform them about the good things students are doing and develop a system to enable teachers to call or write parents routinely and conveniently and provide space and time for teachers to meet regularly with parents at school and recommend that teachers initiate these informal meetings as frequently as possible”. Govin

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