Sunday, November 25, 2012

Amoor cottages promote several Rural Tourism products in Trichirappalli District.

View of Amoor cottages with visitors

Amoor cottages promote several Rural Tourism products in Trichirappalli District as the primary tourism product to spread tourism and its socio-economic benefits to rural areas. Such geographic regions are identified for development and promotion of Rural Tourism. Activities like improving the environment, hygiene, infrastructure etc. are being taken by a local NGO, SEVAI. Rural Tourism is definitely valuable for India, where almost 70% of the population resides in its villages and this Tourism development prospective may be harnessed as an approach for Rural Development. Rural Tourism also promotes agriculture tourism to achieve income, employment and economic stability in rural communities in India, help boosting a range of activities, services and amenities provided by farmers and rural people to attract urban tourists to their area, thus providing opportunity for urban people to get back to the roots. The growth in the India rural tourism is not only provides the villagers with a much needed additional source of income, but also visitors are able to interact with them and gain a rare insight into their way of life. Across the world the trends of industrialization and development have had an urban centric approach; it gives the stresses of city lifestyles with urbanization. This trend of urbanization has led to falling income levels, lesser job opportunities in the total areas leading to an urbanization syndrome in the rural areas. Rural Tourism is one of the few activities which can provide a solution to these problems. Besides, there are other factors which are shifting the trend towards rural tourism like increasing levels of awareness, growing interest in heritage and culture and improved accessibility, and environmental consciousness. In the developed countries, this has resulted in a new style of tourism of visiting village settings to experience and live a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. This concept has taken the shape of a formal kind of Rural Tourism. Grassroots has tied up with a couple of villages in and Amoor to offer unique experiences, depending on the time of year to learn about and participate in the cultivation of rice and other village activities. Rural Tourism offers a relaxing trip to an organic farm in Trichirappalli District. . Volunteering on the farm is also possible. The harvest festival Pongal is an excellent occasion to celebrate there. Accommodations are provided in traditional cottages.-Govin

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