Sunday, November 25, 2012

Woodlots not only insure monetary rewards, but also provide an enjoyable experience.

SEVAI Woodlot in Amoor

SEVAI.a Trichy based NGO has promoted several woodlots which results abundant advantages with a dense growth of trees on an acre or more. There are many trees, each depending upon the others and all forming a cluster community. This cluster woodlots community is an important factor to maintenance of productivity. Benefits and pleasures of woodlots/ tree community are many. However, they need to be significantly magnified if we practice good forestry. These woodlots not only insure monetary rewards, but also provide an enjoyable experience. Value of these trees varies greatly because of the difference in demand for them and the quality of the wood. Many owners of the woodlots cherish their forests for the multitude of intangible riches they yield, and accept the wood harvests as an extra benefit and some consider the wood yield as the primary objective. It is important to promote woodlots to attract birds and SEVAI has begun with bare land and "build" woodlots by planting seedlings. Establishing a plantation usually requires the planting of 40 to 100 seedlings on each acre. In 10 years, these small trees should reach a height of 10 to 20 feet, depending on the species. Their crowns should touch and the entire plantation begins to appear as an established woodlot forest community.SEVAI does not matter what stage of development a forest is in, whether a new plantation or an old, mature community of trees are  planned for its future management. Because of the constant changes occurring within woodlots, improvement in woodlots techniques, flexibility of markets, and other varying factors, the plan is not absolutely rigid. It is periodically amended and updated as necessary. Trees become established, grow to maturity and are harvested or eventually die. SEVAI provide for continuous replacement of trees.K.Devendran, the woodlots promoter in SEVAI said, “Once a woodlot is established, it needs attention and care. If it turns into a neglected area, its productivity and usefulness will be greatly reduced, and sometimes it becomes a liability. All woodlots don't require the same care. The needs depend upon the species of trees, markets, past treatment, age of the forest etc.As trees increase in size, their requirements for space, moisture, nutrients, and light increase. If these requirements are not met, individual tree growth slows and vigor is lost. Under these conditions, it is impossible to grow high-quality trees and realize the maximum profit. One of the most crucial periods in the life of a woodlot is when trees are selected for harvest”. -Govin

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