Sunday, December 23, 2012

A good Cow breed regularly giving one calf every 13-14 month interval

Jercy cow expected calf in SEVAI Cow farm

“A good Cow breed regularly giving one calf every 13-14 month interval” said by Sekar a leading cow farmer said to SEVAI team in Pudan chandai.SEVAI-OFI Cow project has procured four cows as initial step after completing the preparatory works of the cow shelter and the associated arrangements. Devendran, Hugues with the support of cow project volunteers and the workers of SEVAI team toiled hard for the past 10 days for the establishment of the Cow farm. The entire cow project will be in full form by the 1st January in the infrastructure development pertaining to cow farming in Sirugamani.The working team of cow project of SEVAI-OFI had resolved and undertake the cow rearing steps, “Proper selection is the first and the most important step to be adopted in dairying. Records are the basis of selection and hence proper identification of animals and record keeping is essential. Cross-breed animals with exotic inheritance of about 50 percent are preferable. This preference is based on comparison of the performance of the animals with different percentage of exotic inheritance. Fifty percent of the native germplasm is helpful to retain the adaptability, heat tolerance and disease resistance traits of local animals, in cross breeds. Maintaining animals sustainable to the situation is the best policy and Bringing animals from different agro-climatic conditions should not cause problem that is why the purchase becomes absolutely essential it is from similar environmental conditions.SEVAI-OFI has taken a decision to purchase the cows based upon its breed characters and milk producing ability, The maximum yields by dairy cows are noticed during the first five lactations. There successive complete milking has to be done and an average of it will give a fair idea regarding production by a particular animal, a cow should allow anybody to milk, and should be docile, It is better to purchase the animals during the months of November and December and Maximum yield is noticed till 90 days after calving. Breed characteristics of high yielding dairy cows have Attractive individuality with feminity, vigour, harmonious blending of all parts, impressive style and carriage, Animal should have wedge shaped appearance of the body, It should have bright eyes with lean neck, The udder should be well attached to the abdomen, The skin of the udder should have a good network of blood vessels, All four quarters of the udder should be well demarcated with well placed teats”.Sekar a leading cow farmer of Pudan chandai suggested, “ Under Indian condition a commercial dairy farm should consist of minimum 20 animals. Middle class health-conscious Indian families prefer low fat milk for consumption as liquid milk. It is always better to go for a commercial farm. Conduct a thorough study of the immediate market where we are planning to market our milk. If proper care is given, cows breed regularly giving one calf every 13-14 month interval. They are more docile and can be handled easily. Good milk yielding cross breeds has well adapted to Indian climate. The fat percentage of cow's milk varies from 3-5.5% and is lower than Buffaloes”.-Govin

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