Sunday, December 23, 2012

Art therapy involves different tasks for exceptional children

Art therapy in SEVAI School for exceptional child

“Art therapy involves different tasks for exceptional children” opined by Periyakka, early childhood educationist and special educator of SEVAI run bridge course in Arumbuhalnagar. She further added, “There are students with exceptionalities in the bridge school run by SEVAI under SSA. Majority of these students are under various forms of therapy, which could include cognitive, behavioral, etc. Art therapy has been known to be an effective tool to incorporate with other forms of therapy. There are many ways of examining art therapy, including understanding its nature, benefits, uses in schools, and even discussing the issues relating to it. It has been known to build communication skills and school achievement for children with various disabilities. Artwork, in general, has a tendency to be abstract and complex. Artists who create these artworks have to have a sense of focused behavior and individual creativity. Exceptional children can relate to this idea due to the many various abstract and sometimes complicated disabilities they experience. But could art be used as a coping mechanism along with other forms therapy, such as cognitive and behavioral treatments. Many schools have art classes or activities as a part of its curriculum base, but the use of art as a therapeutic tool for children with exceptionalities is the idea behind art therapy. Art therapy’s purpose, regardless of the circumstance, is to encourage children and adolescents to express their feelings, participate in new tasks, such as those involving focused attention, and to learn creativity.   Art therapy involves different tasks that allow children to be in the “artist’s seat”, and uses their creativity to form different kinds of artwork. There are various ways of examining the form of therapy currently presented. The first way would be having an understanding for which population art therapy would be helpful. Another way would be to examine the benefits of art therapy with different situations. The third discussion would be exploring its uses and incorporating it within the schools. Next, would be discussing some possible issues relating to art therapy”. Govin

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