Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SEVAI Grows vegetables in its organic farm in Sirugamani.

Bio farming of Bindi cultivation in SEVAI Kalanjium

“SEVAI Grows vegetables in its organic farm in Sirugamani” said Sakthivel.He was sharing salient points of vegetable gardening and added, “The dietitians recommend the consumption of at least 200 gms of leafy vegetables and 150 gms of root vegetable daily for .balanced diet. Thus to improve our diet, we should necessarily increase the vegetable production. It is about 1-2 percent of the total cultivated area is under vegetable crops. On an average, the yield-of vegetable crop is about 5 to.10 times more than these of cereals. They are quick growing and shorter duration. Therefore it is time now, to take up the intensive and multiple vegetable cropping in India. Recently more attention is being devoted to increase the. Agricultural production. This is being implemented through crash programmers, emergency and applied programmers, for this good seeds, irrigation facilities, knowledge of improved techniques of cultivation, proper plant protection measures quick transport, and better storage facilities are being made available through these programs. As literacy increase in our country people realize the nutritional importance of vegetable in daily diet which results in increasing demand for vegetable in our country. Due to increase in  bio-fertilizer projects and their capacity of production, there is lot of scope for vegetable production. When there is large production of any vegetable the price rates in market come down for that vegetable. Naturally cultivator does not get more- income. But through preservation cultivator can get more price. The purposes of cultivation are three to get rid of weeds, and to stimulate growth by letting air into the soil and freeing unavailable plant food, and by conserving moisture. As to weeds, the gardener of any experience need not be told the importance of keeping his crops clean. He has learned from bitter and costly experience the price of letting them get anything resembling a start. Instead of letting the weeds get away with any plant food, he should be furnishing more, for clean and frequent cultivation will not only break the soil up mechanically, but let in air, moisture and heat all essential in effecting those chemical changes necessary to convert non- available into available plant food. By frequent cultivation of the surface soil not more than one or two inches deep for most small vegetables the soil tubes are kept broken, and a mulch of dust is maintained. There is another thing to be considered in making each vegetable do its best, and that is crop rotation, or the following of any vegetable with a different sort at the next planting. Vegetables that feed near the surface, like corn, should follow deep-rooting crops, Vines or leaf crops should follow root crops, Quick-growing crops should follow those occupying the land all season are the principles which should determine the rotations to be followed in individual cases”. Govin

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